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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)

Seven AVID students at round table, visiting El Camino Hospital on career info day
AVID is an internationally recognized program designed to prepare high school students for success in four-year colleges and universities.  AVID students are historically under-represented in four-year schools.  The program includes:  ethnic minority, and/or low income, and/or first generation college students, and/or students who have special circumstances in their lives.  The AVID program has successfully helped many underrepresented students (especially socioeconomically disadvantaged students and Latino students) succeed in rigorous college preparatory classes, enroll in honors and AP classes, meet the a-g requirements, and eventually enroll and succeed in four year colleges and universities.  AVID teachers remain with the same students all four years in high school, addressing the “hidden curriculum” of school and helping them achieve academic success.
The AVID curriculum is carefully scaffolded to help AVID students reach their goals.  The core values of the AVID program include building classroom community, fostering academic excellence and leadership that catalyzes change in society.  AVID also has a robust student mentor program that allows upper grade students to be tutors in AVID classes several days a week.  Not only does this provide significant opportunity for AVID students to refine and clarify their skills in their classes, it also provides an important and critical opportunity for students to develop personal and lasting relationships with diverse groups of students.  The AVID programs in our two schools have repeatedly received accolades as model programs in the state.