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reimbursement instructions

reimbursement instructions

Do not register nor make travel arrangements until getting official approval for your CI from Educational Services
  • Staff requesting the district to pre-pay* for registration and/or other expenses as indicated on the Off-Site CI application will be contacted by Shaunie Beacham via email after CI is approved for details
    • Note*: 
      • In rare instances, the district may not be able to pre-pay for registration on behalf of staff due to vendor registration restrictions. Staff will be notified if this occurs
      • Staff that choose to pre-pay for their registration can submit a CI Reimbursement Form AFTER attending the approved activity
  • Each staff member requesting reimbursement individually submits a CI Reimbursement Form 
  • Once the CI Reimbursement form is fully processed within the Informed K12 (IK12) system, reimbursement checks are mailed to the address given on the form within 7-14 days (excluding holidays and breaks)
Form Format
  • Use the name of the payee as it appears on the payroll
  • Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the address given on the CI Reimbursement Form
  • Include dates expenditures were incurred
  • Do not include expenses pre-paid by the District on the CI Reimbursement Form
  • Only the person who paid the bill can be reimbursed
  • Submit all forms/receipts within ten (10) days after the conference/meetings/workshop
Reimbursement Guidelines

Reimbursement Guidelines

  • Copy of canceled check, original credit card receipt, or original conference receipt
  • Copy of registration form
  • If any meals are paid with registration, you may not claim meal allowance for that (those) meal(s)
  • individual memberships will be paid only if required as a part of the registration or if it results in equal or lower registration cost 
  • Itemized receipts are required for all reimbursement claims
  • Should not exceed the average going rate
  • Only when an overnight stay is required. Single occupancy room cost plus taxes. Identify room charges separately on the hotel bill and CI Reimbursement Form
  • Should not exceed the average going rate
  • Reimbursed at the current rate the IRS allows (No reimbursement for gas, oil, tires, etc.)
  • Check with Accounts Payable for the latest applicable rate or on the IRS website
  • If employees travel together in a private vehicle, only the driver may claim mileage reimbursement
  • Mileage shall not exceed the going airfare rate for the same distance unless specific circumstances make such travel reasonable/economical. Prior approval by the Program Manager is required. An adequate explanation must be attached to the claim
    • Mileage reimbursement for those driving to SoCal will be limited to $200.00 total, the average roundtrip flight cost from the Bay Area to SoCal.
  • Itemized receipts are required
  • DO NOT commingle alcohol or non-MVLA staff meals on the same receipt(s) submitted for reimbursement. If paying for an MVLA staff member's meal in addition to own meal, write the name of the staff member on the receipt otherwise only one meal/entree per receipt will be reimbursed
  • For meal reimbursement at the conference, a registration form must be attached
  • Maximum allowances (including tax and tip) not to exceed $90.00
Suggested daily allowance: Breakfast: $20.00      Lunch: $30.00      Dinner: $40.00
  • Items such as books, CD's, etc. require receipts and prior approval by the Program Manager/Principal
  • Provide itemized receipts, and DO NOT commingle personal purchases with school-related purchases on the same receipt 
NO reimbursement for the following
  • Alcoholic beverages. DO NOT commingle with meal purchases
  • Automobile expenses such as gas, unless a rental or District car is used
    • Car rentals must be pre-approved
  • Entertainment and luxury items include limousines, early/priority boarding, suites, movie rentals, etc.
  • Meals paid through registration
  • Individual memberships (unless required for registration or results in lower or equal expense)
  • Expenses for non-district employees unless approved by the Superintendent or Associate Superintendent, Business Services
  • Any expense that is not an actual and necessary expense incurred in the performance of District duties
  • No cash advances permitted
  • Gift cards


CI Reimbursement Form

Use this form to submit approved Off-Site CI out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement

CI Guidelines PDF

CI Reimbursement Guidelines PDF



Professional Growth/Incentive Pay
  • Do not fill out a CI application or any CI-related forms if you apply for Professional Growth (incentive pay, horizontal movement, or units) through Personnel.
  • If you are seeking a form of payment for attending a conference, event, course, or seminar, please contact Personnel and inquire about Professional Growth/Incentive Pay.
    • As outlined in the CI Reimbursement Guidelines, please note that CI funds are only used for off-site activities to pay for registrations, membership fees, meals, and eligible travel expenses.
  • Staff cannot receive both Professional Growth (incentive pay, horizontal movement, or units) AND CI hourly pay (On-Site)/CI reimbursement (Off-Site)
  • Contact Pauline Mai with questions about units, incentive pay, or the professional growth process.


Shaunie Beacham
Phone: (650) 940-4650 ext. 7032