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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

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If you have any questions regarding your transfer, please email Grace Icasiano at
Intra-District Transfers (year-round)

Intra-District Transfers (year-round)

While students are expected to attend the school that serves the area in which their residence is located, occasionally, and only under very special circumstances, students are granted an inter- or intra- district transfer request outside of the open-enrollment window.  This include transfers for sibling privilege, senior privilege and for students who move within the MVLA district boundary. 
Transfer Request Forms

Transfer Request Forms

INTRA-District Transfer Form

For use when living in MVLA District and wishing to transfer to a different school in the district.  

INTER-District Transfer Form

For use when residing in the MVLA District and wishing to transfer to another school district.
Intra-District Transfers - during the Open Enrollment window (DECEMBER 1-21, 2023)

Intra-District Transfers - during the Open Enrollment window (DECEMBER 1-21, 2023)

Information about the MVLA Open Enrollment Process

Open Enrollment window for 2024-25 school year is December 1-21, 2023.
The vast majority of our students attend their neighborhood high school. Students are assigned to their home school based on the location of their residence (use the Attendance Street Search to find your home school). Students with specialized services typically are assigned to the school that houses the program that is best suited to meeting the needs of the student, irrespective of the location of the student’s residence.
Under the district’s Open Enrollment policy, the board annually reviews school capacity and determines the number of spaces available for Open Enrollment transfer. There will be very few slots available, if any for a transfer, as both of our schools are close to capacity. Requests for a transfer through Open Enrollment will be accepted by the Educational Services department at MVLA beginning December 1st, and will close at 4pm on Thursday, December 21, 2023. Late applications will be considered only on a space available, case by case basis.
For questions please contact: