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Facilities Rental Policy

Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District facility use policies are designed to assist groups desiring to use school facilities for approved activities while preserving order in school buildings and on school grounds, protecting school facilities, and ensuring that use of facilities/grounds does not conflict with their use for school purposes or interfere with the regular conduct of school work and activities.

Any person applying for use of school property on behalf of any society, group, or organization must present written authorization from the group to make the application.

The school principal or assistant principal is responsible for scheduling facility use, subject to availability and conformance to district policies and procedures. Please submit your completed application packet to (Los Altos High School) or (Mountain View High School).

In granting permission for use of facilities, the district shall consider the impact on the surrounding neighborhood and may include conditions that minimize neighborhood impact.

While school fields and other outdoor athletic facilities are generally open to all citizens, only groups with an approved use permit have exclusive and reserved use of school property. All organized groups, teams, or activities (including private lessons) are required to obtain approval for facility use.
POOL USE: Per Senate Bill 722, "Pool renters must have at least one adult with a valid certification of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training to be present throughout the duration of the event." Renters must sign and submit the confirmation form (application page 2) with their facility rental application packet.

PAYMENT IN ADVANCE: Payment of all fees due must be made at least 30 days in advance of the first use of facilities.

CANCELATION POLICY: Cancelation of reservations must be received in writing no less than 30 calendar days prior to earliest date canceled in order to receive a refund or credit for the dates canceled.

RAIN DAYS: Rain days will be credited to the user or rescheduled at no charge if possible at the discretion of site staff. Facilities cannot be “held” at no charge to cover the possibility of rain dates.
School facilities will not be used:
  • By any individual or group for the commission of a crime or any act prohibited by law.
  • For any activity that conflicts with their use for school purposes or which interferes with the regular conduct of school activities.
  • For any activity that unlawfully discriminates against an individual or group of individuals.
  • For any activity that involves the possession, consumption, or sale of alcoholic beverages or any restricted substances on school property.
  • For any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners, or taste, or be injurious to persons, buildings, grounds, or equipment.
The use of district facilities for fee-based activities such as tutoring, private music lessons, athletic coaching, or other commercial activities, whether for district students or others, requires an approved Facility Use Application, evidence of insurance, and payment of facility use fees. This applies to coaches and other part-time employees of the district as
well as outside parties. Individuals coming onto school property to work with students are subject to fingerprinting requirements.
Use of school facilities should not result in costs to the district. A refundable security deposit may be required for use of district facilities and equipment. No staff member has the authority to authorize free use of district facilities without a Facility Use Application approved by the facility’s principal or designated assistant principal.
Groups or persons using school facilities are liable for any property damages caused by the activity or its participants. The Board of Trustees may charge the amount necessary to repair the damages and may deny the group/person further use of school facilities. Certain facilities (such as offices, computer rooms, or science labs) may be excluded from community use for safety, security, or liability reasons.
Community use of district facilities shall require the presence of authorized district personnel on site. A district employee generally will not be required for use of outdoor school grounds.
Specialized facilities and equipment, including but not limited to theater and kitchen areas, will be approved for use only when district staff who are qualified to operate such
equipment are present.
User groups will be charged for the cost of any set-up, take-down, field marking, or other special preparations provided by district staff. Prior approval is required for a community group to line the fields.
All facility use agreements, including athletic fields, must include provisions for the use of restroom facilities. A fee will be charged for restroom access.
Evidence of Insurance Requirements

Evidence of Insurance Requirements

By order of the Board of Trustees, all organizations or individuals requesting use of district facilities shall provide verification of liability insurance prior to using those facilities. Both the district and persons or groups requesting use of district facilities have liability exposure.

The district’s liability insurance does not extend coverage to persons/groups other than the district’s Board of Trustees, employees, agents, and volunteers who are engaged in official district activities. Thus, persons or groups that are using district facilities for other than official district activities must obtain their own liability insurance and provide a certificate of such insurance prepared in accordance with the following instructions.

The insurance certificate must include:
  1. An endorsement to the policy naming the “Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District, its Board of Trustees, employees, agents, and volunteers as additional insured” and a statement confirming “the district’s insurance shall be considered excess insurance and will not respond until all primary insurance has been exhausted.”
  2. 30 days notice of cancellation
Minimum limits of liability per occurrence:
Liability exposure may range from a low level (such as a community advisory council meeting) to a high level (such as a carnival). The district reserves the right to determine the limits of liability required.

No physical activity involved and/or small group - $500,000 combined single limit
Physical activity involved and/or medium-size group - $1,000,000 combined single limit
High risk activity and/or large group - $3,000,000 combined single limit

For some persons or very small groups whose activities in district facilities will entail a very low level of risk, the district may, at its discretion, allow substitution of a waiver of liability and hold harmless signed by each participant in the activity.