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Certificated Professional Growth

Certificated Professional Growth

Horizontal Movement on the Salary Schedule
Movement between columns on the salary schedule requires fifteen (15) college or university semester units from a regionally accredited institution (except Columns I and II which requires thirty (30) units). For more information about how to move across the salary schedule, please reference the negotiated agreement linked below.
Professional Growth Incentive Units
DTA members who have maximized their horizontal movement on the salary schedule may continue to develop professionally through incentive pay. The rate of pay for this bonus shall be paid at the hourly teacher workshop rate for a maximum of 45 hours (the equivalent of three (3) incentive units).  Commencing with the 2007-08 school year, the hourly teacher pay shall be adjusted each year with the same percentage increase as the salary schedule adjustment.  The individual may qualify for the bonus(es) by acquiring new professional growth units approved by the district.  The award for earned credits(s) under the incentive schedule will be provided at the end of July or January.  Each unit earned is for one year.
Approval from the District must be secured before a unit member embarks upon said program by utilizing the form provided by the personnel department.  The district has the right to establish a limit on the number of persons participating in this program each year based upon a budgetary limit.
Please note: Staff cannot receive both units/incentive pay AND CI hourly pay (On-Site)/CI reimbursement (Off-Site).
Do not fill out a CI application if you are applying for horizontal movement, units, or incentive pay. Fill out a Professional Growth Form if wishing to apply for horizontal movement, units, or incentive pay through Personnel.

Contact Amy Vargas if you have questions regarding units and/or incentive pay or the professional growth process.
Classified Professional Growth

Classified Professional Growth

The programs and services of our District provide the community with opportunities for individual development and life-long learning. To ensure the growth of quality education as a continuing and diverse process, we must recognize and value all individuals within the District as vital contributors to the achievement of that growth. Based upon this principle, a Professional Growth Program has been implemented for classified employees.