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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



When is the first day of school?

The first day of school for students is Wednesday, August 9, 2023. Please look for the summer mailer packet which is sent to families in late July.

All freshman and new students are invited to attend the orientations happening prior to the first instructional day. 

Where can I find the school/district calendar?

The 2023-2024 district calendar is linked here.

When is graduation?

Graduation will be Thursday, June 6, 2024.

What is the bell schedule this year?

Due to the State requirement for high schools to meet 64,800 instructional minutes, coupled with the new requirement for a late start at 8:30 or later at high school and 8:00 or later at middle school, MVLA will start our day at 8:30am next year.  For more information, see the CDE guidance here:
Campuses are typically open and welcome students who arrive as early as 7:30am on most regular school days. Please check with your site administration to confirm. 

When will my child get their class schedule?

Freshman receive their schedules and textbooks during their respective orientation days: 
LAHS August 4, 2023
MVHS August 2, 2023 

LAHS: August 2,2023
MVHS: August 3, 2023 

LAHS: August 3, 2023 
MVHS: August 3, 2023

LAHS: August 3, 2023 
MVHS: August 4, 2023

How do I know who my child has as a counselor?

Log into Aeries; your child’s counselor will be listed on their Aeries account.

You can also find that information in the student handbooks here.

What if my child wants to change a class in their schedule?

August 9, 2023: Students with clear errors to their schedules may request changes. 
  • Errors are defined as a student schedule that is missing a class (No English class), enrolled in the wrong course (a Junior in a freshman English class) or they are in a course that is not appropriate for them (enrolled in an AVID class by mistake).

August 16, 2023: Students may begin the process of contacting their counselor to initiate the add/drop/change of courses.

September 1, 2023: Last day to add a new class. 

Week of September 18, 2023: The last date to drop a course and avoid a “W”ithdrawal on official transcripts is six weeks after the start of the school year.

Are students allowed to go off campus for lunch?

MVLA has an open campus policy. Students can leave campus during lunch, however, we do provide free lunches.  More information here

What is the purpose of the Tutorial/Academic Collaboration Time (ACT)?

The tutorial period allows students and teachers to engage in meaningful activities outside of instructional time.

All students are required to attend a classroom-based tutorial period; attendance will be taken.



How do I notify the school of our new address?

Contact your school’s registrar to update your contact information. your address.

How do I schedule a parent teacher conference?

In person Parent-Teacher Conferences are available after the first progress report in mid-September. Until that point we ask that you communicate with your student’s teachers via phone, Parent Square or email. Please use the staff directory to find information for your student's teachers. 

How do I schedule a conference with my student’s counselor?

Our counseling departments believe that a strong partnership between the student, the family, and the counselor is critical for student success. Counseling hours are primarily reserved for students to address student concerns. We encourage families to reach out via email or phone calls to address.

In addition to the extensive community presentations, small group grade level workshops, classroom-based meetings and content that is shared with students and families through our websites and newsletters, the counseling departments have strategically timed one-on-one meetings with freshman and senior students.

MVLA offers a number of interventions which range from individual counseling appointments to "parent-teacher" conferences; counselors can help develop a plan of action to address the academic concerns.  If your student is struggling academically every effort will be made to accommodate a request to meet. 


What is the process for updating my child’s 504 plan at the high schools?

The 504 plan transition process from one of our partner middle schools (Blach, Egan, Crittenden, Graham) to the high school involves: 

  • Springtime meetings between administrators from MVLA and school counselors in LASD and MVWSD.
  • Springtime transfer of existing 504 documentation from middle schools to high schools.
  • Summertime communication to incoming families re: needs for updated medical documentation from           the high schools.
  • Late summertime scheduling of 504 meetings for incoming students in August/September.

The process of transitioning an existing 504 plan in the case of a non-partner, private school involves:
  • Springtime enrollment of students from non-partner middle schools to the high schools.
  • Springtime communication between registrar and families re: the existence of a student's                             504/accommodation plan.
  • Springtime provision of existing 504/accommodation plan documentation from incoming families to high       schools.
  • Summertime communication to incoming families re: needs for updated medical documentation from           the high schools.
  • Late summertime scheduling of 504 meetings for incoming students in August/September.

What is the process for updating my student's IEP at the high schools?

The IEP transition process from middle school to the high school involves: 

  • Collaboration among the districts in the Fall to identify the students requiring Special Education                   services and transition IEPs.
  • Springtime collaboration with staff to determines the scope of services and setting dates for the IEP             articulation meetings.
  • Springtime observations of students.
  • Articulation meetings are scheduled.

The middle school team meets with the high school team and family to finalize the transition for the Fall of the coming school year. The middle school discusses students' strengths, areas of growth, current progress, and services.The high school proposes a schedule of courses and supports as the Offer of Free and Public Education requirements.


Does my student need to have a laptop for MVLA classes?

Los Altos High School and Mountain View High School are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments, created to support students using 21st-century skills and promote equitable access. Our BYOD system integrates digital technology and “Cloud-based” learning in every class.
Students and families have two options to meet this BYOD learning expectation:
  • Students can bring and use their own device that meets or exceeds the standards below.
  • Students may check out a Chromebook for their use during the school year from their respective high school book room.
Students are expected to bring their charged digital device to their classes daily, and will be used as directed by the teacher. This device will be regularly used in many classes to find, create and share digital materials, as well as to access a variety of learning tools and materials in the cloud and on the web. Students will also use this same device outside of class and at home.
More information can be found here.

How do I log into my Aeries Parent Portal to view my student’s grades, etc.?

If you are a parent/guardian who came to MVLA from Mountain View Whisman or Los Altos Elementary School Districts:
  • the email that was being used at those schools was automatically rolled into our database as your username. If you use that email and go to and select Forgot My Password, you can reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.  

If you are a new district family, you were asked to provide and email during the registration process for your student. 
  • That is the email address you use to access Aeries. 
If you have forgotten the email address please email the for it to be reset.

How does my child log into their MVLA Google Account?

Go to 
  • Use the student ID number starting with 
  • Enter password.

First time users/Forgot Password:
  • Go to 
  • Select Forgot My Password 
  • Enter 1000xxxxx for the user name
  • Answer security questions 
  • Change the security password.  
  • Return to to sign in.

Once signed into the MVLA Google account, please make sure students can also sign into Aeries. 

What happens if my child cannot log into their MVLA Google account or has other school-related technology issues?

Email any technical questions about the account to


What support is MVLA using to counter antisemitism, islamophobia, and other hate on campus?

What is the current policy regarding face masks for students?

Students and staff are no longer required to wear face masks but may do so at their own discretion.