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In addition to the basic salary entitlement, individuals who have earned advanced degrees from a regionally accredited institution or received and maintains certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and reported this to the personnel department and who have filed a transcript or certification with the district prior to October 15 of the year in which the unit member desires credit shall receive an annual increment above the basic salary as follows:
Master's Degree - $2,634 per annum
National Board for Professional Teaching Standard Certification –$2,634 per annum
Doctorate Degree - $4,213 per annum
Those individuals earning National Board Certification will receive that stipend in addition to the stipend for an advanced degree. These salary increments will be on a pro rata basis for part time assignments. These increments shall be adjusted each year with the same percentage increase as the salary schedule adjustment.
Contact Amy Vargas if you have questions regarding national board certification.