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The twin goals of Curriculum Institute (CI) funding are to support:
  • collaborative learning opportunities and innovations that are above and beyond the standard professional preparation required to fulfill teaching assignments
  • the fulfillment of District/Board goals and WASC action plans
Information and applications for participation in the district's Curriculum Institute program for MVLA staff members can be found below.


Curriculum Institute applications that meet both goals will be prioritized. Further considerations will include:
  • impact beyond a single classroom
  • strength of the plan for applying or extending the funded learning
  • cost-effectiveness
  • the degree to which funded experiences cannot be obtained in any other manner
  • the number of applications submitted
Application Deadline Information
  • Curriculum Institute applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the requested event
  • It may take a two-week turnaround time for applications to be reviewed and approved/denied
  • You are encouraged to submit your CI application as soon as possible 
  • When appropriate, submit CI applications prior to early bird deadlines
Special Considerations for Summer 2023
  • Summer CI activities must occur between June 9  and August 8, 2023
  • On-Site CIs: CI will support up to a combined total of 12 hours of collaboration time per person, not per course team, during Summer 2023
    • Learning Palooza participation hours will not count toward the 12-hour collaboration limit
Approval Process
  • Submitting a CI application does not mean that the CI is approved. All CIs must be reviewed and approved by Ed Services in order to be deemed "approved"
  • All Team Participants listed on the CI application will be notified via email stating if the request has been approved or denied
  • Information on the next steps for DO pre-payment will be included in the approval emails sent to all participants listed on the application
  • Review the CI Payment Procedure (On-Site) and CI Reimbursement Procedure (Off-Site), linked below
Professional Growth/Incentive Pay
  • Do not fill out a CI application or any CI-related forms if you are applying for horizontal movement, units, or incentive pay through Personnel
  • Staff cannot receive both incentive pay (units) AND CI hourly pay (On-Site)/CI reimbursement (Off-Site)
  • Contact Amy Vargas if you have questions regarding units and/or incentive pay or the professional growth process
Forms & Links

Forms & Links

2022-23 Applications
Activities taking place August 10, 2022 - June 8, 2023

CI Application: On-Site

Use this application to apply for On-Site CI activities (team collaborations) taking place during the school year (after August 10, 2022)

On-Site CI Questions Attachment

Use this link to access the required CI Application On-Site Questions

CI Application: Off-Site

Use this application to apply for Off-Site CI activities (conferences, workshops, college visits, etc.) taking place during the 2022-23 school year

Off-Site CI Questions Attachment

Use this link to access the required CI Application Off-Site Questions
Summer 2023 Application
Activities taking place June 9 - August 8, 2023

CI Application: Summer

Use this application to apply for both On- and Off-Site CI activities taking place during Summer 2023

Summer CI Questions Attachment

Use this link to access the required Summer CI Questions
Post CI Activity Forms 
Year-round use

CI Takeaways Attachment

(New starting Summer 2023) Use this link to access the required CI Takeaways attachment for the Verification of Completion form

CI Timesheet Form

Use this form to submit approved On-Site CI collaboration hours  

CI Timesheet Attachment

Use this Google Sheet CI Timesheet to attach to your CI Timesheet Form

CI Reimbursement Form

Use this form to submit approved Off-Site CI out-of-pocket expenses for reimbursement
General CI Information (updated April 2023)

CI Guidelines PDF

CI Payment Procedure PDF

CI Reimbursement Guidelines PDF



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