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Resources for MVLA Staff for On Demand Translation and Interpretation

Resources for MVLA Staff for On Demand Translation and Interpretation

Language Line

Paid for by district 
Tracked and documented while in use.
240+ Languages
1. DIAL: 866-874-3972
2. PROVIDE: See Reference Guide Emailed to you. Contact Michelle Bissonnette if needed.
3. INDICATE: the language you need

4. PROVIDE: additional information, if required.

Document the interpreter name and ID number for your reference.
Brief the interpreter and give any special instructions.
Tips for Working with an Interpreter

Talking Points

100+ languages

Staff write in English through the web/mobile app, families receive the message in their own language

Non-human translation–
Functions like using Google Translate without the added steps of going to Google Translate then send messages to individual families

Free version for teachers but contacts must be manually added. 

Teachers can create a code for their class that parents can add to their app, parents automatically receive messages teachers send out
Information Slide Deck

Microsoft Powerpoint Live Translation

Microsoft Powerpoint Live Translation of Speaker with Slides A feature of powerpoint that is accessible while using Power Point Slides only which will translate English into another language while speaking live to an audience and project subtitles on the screen almost simultaneously. Informational Slide Deck