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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

High School District

Google Takeout Directions for Exiting Students & Staff

1. Create a personal Gmail 

If you already have a personal Google account, you can use that instead of setting up another
Create a new Gmail Account @

2. Google Takeout

While logged into your school account, go to

3. Data

Select the data you would like to include such as Drive, Gmail, and/or Chrome. Drive content can even be specified by folders.

4. Delivery

Send download link via email, export once, and leave file type & size as default. Create Export

5. Check School Email

You will receive an email; click to download your files. Once downloaded, click on the zip file and a new folder will be created.

6. Upload to Personal Drive

Go to your Personal Gmail and then MyDrive. Chose Folder, upload, and select unzipped downloaded folder.
NOTE:  Upon leaving the district, Adobe and Microsoft accounts will also close.  It is recommended that all of those files be moved as well.