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Work Based Learning (WBL) is a sequenced set of activities in which students gain increasing exposure to careers, career pathways, and the world of work so they can best choose their own career journey, beginning with making educated choices in school.
For All Students

Work Based Learning is incorporated into students’ classroom curriculum to add depth and meaning to learning. What might this look like?
  • A speaker visits the classroom to talk about her career and career journey
  • A panel of speakers representing one or multiple organizations comes to the classroom and discusses careers in fields related to the class’s topic of discussion
  • A class visits a local organization to learn about organizational structure, professional opportunities, career pathways, and motivational stories 
  • Students participate in Educational Volunteer Opportunities (EVOs) at local corporations or non-profit organizations over their February or April breaks.
  • Students participate in in-person or virtual internships related to their field of study or that allow them to explore new experiences.
  • Career day or career fair allowing practice of pre-employment skills and insights and/or access to jobs, careers, or internships
Where might you find Work Based Learning?
Do you or your organization want to be involved in the Mountain View Los Altos Work-Based Learning program? Possible benefits to organizations and volunteers include:
  • Ability to train the future workforce
  • Pipeline to future employees
  • Developing and growing your community
  • Work or volunteer satisfaction for the adults participating in these opportunities
  • Assistance on simple or complex projects 
To get involved or to learn more about Work Based Learning in Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District, please contact:
Lynette Gillson, PhD
Partnerships, WBL, and AVID PEAK Coordinator
Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District
Work Based Learning relies on collaboration, engagement,
and partnership with business and community organizations. Click for inspiration!