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What content provider will be used for Virtual Independent Study Program?
One of the content providers we will use is ImagineLearning, an online, blended learning platform.  
How will ImagineLearning be used in Virtual Independent Study Program?
ImagineLearning will be used to provide our students with a consistent remote learning experience. The courses are University of California A-G-approved content. The courses are taught by ImagineLearning teachers.

Will Honors and AP classes be available in Virtual Independent Study Program?
Yes. College prep, honors, and AP are offered through ImagineLearning. 
Can my student take electives at the home school (school of residence)?
No, students in the Virtual Independent Study Program take all classes through this program. Hybrid (between the Virtual Independent Study Program and LAHS/MVHA is not allowed). 
Will I lose my spot at my home school if I choose Virtual Independent Study Program?
No. Students and families who choose Virtual Independent Study Program for the 22-23 school year will be dual-enrolled and remain a student at the prior school of residence or choice. They will not lose their spot. Dual enrollment allows families to receive communication from their prior school and remain connected to the broader school community. All students are welcome to participate in any virtual activities before the school year, although some will not be applicable.

We recommend that a student/family commit to a model for a minimum of a semester, and if possible, the entire school year to avoid academic disruption. Students returning at semester will not be guaranteed original classes.
Will students participate in extracurricular activities like dances, sports, and clubs at their school of residence?
Yes, they can as long as activities are after school. Virtual Independent Study Program students are not to be on campus during the school day hours. 
Will Virtual Independent Study Program students have any opportunities for enrichment or student life?
Yes. We encourage them to participate in after-school-hours clubs and enrichment opportunities.  
How will services be delivered for students in special education with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)?
Students with IEPs are required to have an amendment to their IEP to address this service delivery model.  IEPs will be reviewed with the IEP team, and individualized decisions will be made for students who choose either model. Guidance from the California Department of Education can be found here. 
Will seniors graduate from their school of residence?
Yes. Virtual Independent Study Program in the 22-23 school year is a program; therefore, students remain students of their school of residence and will receive a diploma and grades with their school of residence or prior district placement. Virtual Independent Study Program seniors will be able to participate in whatever graduation activities the site high school holds.
My child wants to go to college. Will this impact their chances? 

No. Classes in Virtual Independent Study Program are taught by CA credentialed teachers (from ImagineLearning or UC Scout). The classes are common core, honors, AP, and A-G approved. They will also maintain access to Academic and College and Career Counselors.
What about my child’s social needs and emotional well-being? How will they be met? 
Students will have ongoing access to academic and school-based mental health counselors and their high school counselors to help support personal, social, and academic needs.
What about participation in athletics or clubs? 
Students enrolled in the Virtual Independent Study Program have opportunities to participate in clubs and extracurricular activities - when we can safely offer them. 

As for athletics, we will follow the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) guidance. 
What if my child wants to return to their high school next year? 
Your student will be able to return to their high school during the semester breaks (which includes the start of the new school year).  
What happens if the course in which our child is enrolled in MVLA is not available at the online provider for Virtual Independent Study Program?
Virtual Independent Study Program is a specialized program with many of the same courses offered as MVHS or LAHS. However, just like any other school, not all classes at one school will be offered at another school. If this is the case, then the Virtual Independent Study Program student will need to select a different class. Class offerings for Virtual Independent Study Program can be found here: ImagineLearning, UCScout
Does Virtual Independent Study Program offer letter grades also?
Yes, Virtual Independent Study Program will offer letter grades. On the MVLA transcript, classes are noted with a “DL.”  As an example, a transcript would read “Algebra II DL” or Chemistry Honors DL.”
Will students be able to stay in choir, Talon/Oracle, Freestyle, or another class at my site high school if they choose Virtual Independent Study Program?
No. To choose Virtual Independent Study Program means you are unenrolling from ALL classes at your high school site. A student cannot take some courses at the site high school and some in Virtual Independent Study Program.
Can Virtual Independent Study Program students join the LAHS or MVHS teacher’s office hours and tutorial services?
Virtual Independent Study Program students have online support through their learning platform, including one-on-one meetings with their ImagineLearning teachers, a helpdesk, as well as weekly one-on-one sessions with their mentor teacher.  
Can students switch options midway through the semester?
No. A student will remain in Virtual Independent Study Program for the semester.  
Can students choose classes from both UC Scout and ImagineLearning?
No. ImagineLearning is the central platform. If a class is not offered in ImagineLearning, a student will take that course through UC Scout.