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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

High School District
In MVLA, Special Education students are fundamentally considered General Education students. We are bound by the foundational principles of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which direct us to furnish every special education student with a free appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). LRE is a mandate in both federal and state law, stipulating that students with disabilities should, to the greatest extent feasible, receive their education alongside their nondisabled peers.
LRE is not a specific physical location; rather, it is a guiding principle that shapes each child's individualized education program. Since every student's needs are unique, what LRE entails may vary from one student to another. IEP teams are responsible for carefully considering the concept of LRE when formulating recommendations related to special education eligibility, services, and placement.
Moreover, when contemplating the provision of special education support and services in a separate setting, an IEP team is obligated to weigh the potential adverse effects of removing a student from participation in the general education environment. This underscores our commitment to fostering inclusive and supportive educational environments that maximize opportunities for all students.