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For working minors (under 18 years of age), an application to work must be completed and returned to his or her school. A work permit will issued once a completed application is received.
In general, students must be older than 14 to work outside the family home or farm. The entertainment industry and modeling have special regulations that students must meet, similar but not identical to the procedures outlined below.
Obtaining a Work Permit
Any company wishing to employ a student between the ages of 14 and 18 must file a 'Statement of Intent to Employ Minor and Request for Work Permit' (CA Dept. of Ed. form #B1-1.) The form includes sections on which the parent(s) and the school indicate that the student is being employed with their knowledge and consent.
The student should expect to do the legwork of obtaining parent and school permission to take the job. Employers and students should allow a reasonable time for the preparation of the Work Permit itself. If there are no problems in the student's GPA or attendance record, the Work Permit will be ready for the student to pick up on the school day following submission of the Form B1-1.
  • Once the student has scheduled an interview or the employer has indicated a definite interest in hiring the student, the student may print out the Statement of Intent form B1-1 and begin obtaining signatures. A few employers, including Paramount's Great America, will supply the student with the form. 
  • The student fills out the 'For Minor To Complete' section with basic identity and contact information.
  • The supervisor or company representative fills out the 'For Employer To Complete' section, including their Worker's Compensation Insurance company.
  • The student's parent answers the 'For Parent To Complete' section indicating anywhere else the student also works, and then signs it, giving the student their permission to work.
  • The student returns the Statement of Intent form B1-1 to the school administration office.
  • The student must show evidence of his/her date of birth, which must be verified independently of school records. Acceptable documentation includes birth certificates, Certificates of Vital Record, passports, driver's licenses, California identity cards, or military identity cards. The school representative will only look at these records to verify birthdate, and will not keep them.
  • The school representative then reviews the form and the student's school records. The MVLA district requires that Work Permits may only be issued to students who have a GPA of 2.0 or better, and who have an acceptable attendance record. 'Acceptable attendance' in this case is defined as: a) no more than 8 Unexcused absences within the past 4 weeks of classes; or b) 10 Tardies; or c) any combination of the two that exceeds those limits, with 2 Tardies equaling 1 Unexcused.
  • If the student qualifies, the student's Work Permit will be ready for pick-up the following school day.
  • When the student picks up the Work Permit, the student should also sign it.
  • The student gives the Work Permit to his/her employer, who must keep it on file.
Hours Students May Work
14-15 years of age:
  • When school is in session; daily maximum 3 hours, weekly maximum 18 hours, except 23 hours if student is in work experience program.
  • Generally may not work during school hours except in work experience program.
  • When school is not in session; daily maximum 8 hours, weekly maximum 40 hours.
  • Student can work between 7am and 7pm except that from June 1 to Labor Day it may exceed to 9pm.
16-17 years of age:
  • When school is in session; 4 hours per day on any school day*, 8 hours on any non-school day or on any day preceding a non-school day, weekly maximum 48 hours**.
  • Generally may not work during school hours except in work experience program.
  • When school is not in session; 8 hours per day, weekly maximum 48 hours.
  • Student can work between 5AM and 10PM. May work until 12:30AM on any evening preceding a non-school day.

    * School day is any day that the minor is required to attend school for 240 minutes or more.

    ** School officials may restrict working hours to fewer than the maximum allowed by law. Minors work with the permission of school authorities, and no law requires school authorities to issue a permit for the maximum hours allowed by law.
With few exceptions, all employees are entitled to one day of rest in seven. [LC 551, 552] Days of rest may be accumulated providing that in each calendar month the employee receives the equivalent of one day of rest in seven. [LC 554] A violation of Sections 551, 552 and 554 is a misdemeanor. [LC 553]. School attendance is not considered work time