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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

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MVLA School-Based Mental Health Services

School-based Mental Health Services are short-term mental health services and case management for students who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, or social challenges that impede learning. 
Services include 6-12 weeks of school-based therapeutic support which may include group support, individual check-ins, 1:1 therapy with school-based treatment goals, or assisting in referrals to outside agencies for on-going, long-term support.
Trained mental health clinicians are also available for drop-in and crisis intervention support during the school day. Students may speak to any adult on campus or visit the Administration office for drop-in support.  
MVLA School-Based Student Support Referral Form
Non-emergency referrals to our school-based mental health team can be made via our Student Support Referral Form located online at (Spanish: or by visiting the Administration Office. Please allow for a 48-hour turnaround time for the scheduling of an appointment​ (​not including weekends and school holidays​).​ If you are in crisis or if you have a mental health emergency, DO NOT complete this form. Please seek immediate help by calling 988 or by texting RENEW to 741741.
The MVLA School District also partners with local community mental health agencies to provide additional services to our students. Partnerships include Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC), Pacific Clinics, Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services, and Stanford Child Psychiatry.
MVLA also partners with Care Solace to assist students and families in finding local mental health related programs and counseling services. Please note that Care Solace does not provide direct mental health support services or emergency crisis services. For more information, call 1-888-515-0595 or visit our MVLA-dedicated Care Solace website
For more information about community-based support for a variety of mental health services including grief support, substance use treatment, LGBTQIA+ services, domestic violence support, etc., please see the Community-based Mental Health Resource List.
For more information about community-based support for social services including food resourcing, rental assistance, housing support, immigration services, and health services, please see the Community-based Support Resource Guide
Funding for MVLA School-based Mental Health Services are provided by MVLAUHSD, MVLA Foundation, County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services, and El Camino Healthcare District.