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Designed to help students prepare for college and career, our schools provide rigorous academics through an excellent college preparatory program. We offer a wide range of honors and Advanced Placement courses, a strong college prep program for students who are not yet ready for the challenge of honors or AP, and a wide selection of support classes and programs for students who are not meeting proficiency standards. 

Our core curriculum is enhanced by a broad range of courses in the visual and performing arts, and students have the opportunity to participate in award-winning programs throughout the arts curriculum. 

Our Career Technical program is growing and we recently have added courses in Computer Science, Bio Technology, Engineering, Environmental Science and Advanced Math. 

Our athletics program serves more than half of the student body and has been highly successful in both league and section competitions. 

Numerous student clubs, an active Associated Student Body (ASB), and an award-winning student newspaper provide students many pathways to personal growth and enjoyment outside the classroom.