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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

High School District

Independent Study Physical Education Program

Students who participate in organized physical activities and have proven to be elite athletes in their particular activity may be exempted from the school district physical education classes if they enroll in the District-approved Independent Study Physical Education Program (ISPE). Participation in the ISPE program shall be determined solely by the District.
The designation as an elite athlete means that a student competes at the highest level within his/her/their sport or activity. The number of elite athletes within the District may vary annually but prior trends suggest that few students will meet this standard each year. Students who compete on an Olympic team or Olympic development team may be designated as an elite athlete. Elite athletes may compete professionally or internationally, depending upon their particular sport or activity. Elite athletes may be forced to maintain a schedule for practice or competition that conflicts with regular school attendance. Some elite athletes travel to international competitions or train at designated facilities outside the Bay Area.
This documents covers qualifications, general enrollment procedures, monitoring and evaluation, as well as the application.