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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

what is CTE?

what is CTE?

Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses are designed for students who are interested in learning about different career opportunities while they earn high school credits.
These courses are open to any students who are interested in making more educated decisions about their
college and career goals through experiencing and learning in a CTE course.


MVLA CTE programs and services allow all students to graduate from high school prepared to succeed in the workplace and at the post secondary level. The MVLA Foundation is proud to provide funding for the district's CTE Program
Amber Woodward is the CTE Program Specialist for MVLA. She works with students, administrators, CTE teachers, the College & Career Centers and outside industry to create and support various pathways and learning opportunities for our students.
To learn more about CTE, you may contact:
Amber Woodward, CTE Program Support Specialist
Phone: (650) 940-4650, ext. 0080