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Additional Educational Opportunities

Additional Educational Opportunities

Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District offers many programs as alternatives to the traditional high school experience.

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Adult School

Students who are 18 years or older, and who are not able to graduate with their class during the year in which they turned 18, may be referred to Adult Education to complete their high school graduation requirements. Exceptions will be made for students who are on track to graduate in the traditional four-year high school sequence and who will not exceed 19 years of age by the time they reach senior standing.

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Alta Vista High School

Alta Vista High School provides an exciting alternative for students who feel disconnected from the traditional high school culture and for those who are not succeeding academically in one of our comprehensive high schools. Alta Vista offers students options that are unavailable in a conventional high school program.

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Foothill College Now!

New Academic Opportunity for Self-Motivated Learners: MVLA High School District and Foothill College have collaborated on a new program - College Now! - so some juniors and seniors can start college early and graduate from high school with a year or more of transferable college credits.

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Foothill Middle College

Middle College is a program designed for juniors and seniors who are seeking an alternative to regular high school with a serious academic focus. It serves students who are academically talented but who may not be thriving at their current school. Students complete their high school requirements while taking both high school and college-level courses at Foothill College. The program offers a learning community where students are encouraged to collaborate and learn from one another.

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Freestyle Academy

At Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology in the Mt. View-Los Altos UHSD, we believe passion drives success. We also believe 21st Century communication skills with and without technology are necessary for success in any workplace, organization, or institution. We believe that school should be a fun and rewarding place to learn these skills. In essence, Freestyle Academy provides students a unique, relevant, and challenging, but fun opportunity to find or enhance an artistic/technical passion and develop their communication skills that are applicable to almost any field of study or work.

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Moffett Independent Study

Moffett Independent Study programs are offered through our Adult School school located on Moffett Boulevard. This program is available to students 16 years and older, whose interests, motivation, and time constraints are not compatible with a rigid 7-period day, typically found in a high school. Students must be able to work independently with little or no supervision. Independent Study students meet with their assigned teacher/supervisor once a week. For information, call (650) 967–7919. Enrollment is limited.

MVLA Summer School

MVLA Summer School

Summer school in the Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District is available for students who have earned Ds or Fs in academic coursework and need remediation. Students are not permitted to take MVLA summer school courses for advancement, with the exception of Health.