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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

High School District

Following Measure E’s approval, MVLA got right to work identifying priority school upgrades, relying heavily on the community recommendations outlined in the Facilities Master Plan. Priority projects were aimed at expanding capacity to accommodate the sustained enrollment growth projected in our local high schools. 


Phase I, new classroom buildings and STEM labs at each campus to accommodate enrollment and support the latest 21st-century instructional methods, along with urgent repairs to existing facilities were completed in Summer 2021. 


Projects currently underway in Phase II include:  

s Construct Student Services buildings at Mountain View and Los Altos High Schools to provide academic, college and career, and wellness support for every student  Estimated completion Summer 2023

s Complete auxiliary gymnasiums at Los Altos and Mountain View High Schools  Estimated completion October 2021 (Los Altos), and December 2022 (Mountain View)

s Build new classrooms and labs for Freestyle Academy  Estimated completion February 2023

s Replace aging grass athletic fields with synthetic, drought-resistant turf  Completed!


Phase III projects estimated to begin Summer 2023 include:

s Modernize existing libraries to support 21st-century education - To Be Determined (Fall 2026)

s Upgrade cafeterias to provide healthy meals more efficiently - Los Altos High School (Fall 2025)

s Improve capacity at existing gymnasiums and fund repairs needed for long-term student safety - To Be Determined (Fall 2026)

s Expand existing classrooms and labs that are currently undersized to support modern learning - (In phases, to be completed Summer 2025)

s Increase capacity for music and arts programs to support a well-rounded education - (Fall 2025)

What's happening behind the construction safety fences? Something every day!

To allow people to see the many developments, we'll post monthly updated timelapse footage of demolition, then construction at both Mountain View and Los Altos high schools.

LAHS Student Services

LAHS Student Services

Freestyle Academy

Freestyle Academy

MVHS Student Services

MVHS Student Services

MVHS Auxiliary Gym

MVHS Auxiliary Gym

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