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In June 2010, MVLA High School District had the Measure A bond proposition on the ballot and it was approved by a supermajority of voters. Measure A authorized the district to issue $41.3 million in bonds to fund construction of new classrooms and "green renovations" at both Los Altos and Mountain View high schools. Measure A extended the current tax rate to 2030.
All expenditures of bond monies are subject to independent citizens’ oversight made up of current committee members Alan Cyron (Chair), Carmen Bryant (Vice Chair), Mike Cobb, James Martin, Lisa McLain and Randy Kenyon.  MVLA Associate Superintendent Mike Mathiesen participates, as does Rick Kramer, Kramer Project Development Co. Inc.
The Measure A program is now complete. Between 2010 and 2017, $45.9 million was spent on the Measure A projects; $39.3 million in Measure A bond funds, and the balance of $6.6 million was made up of $295,881 in bond fund interest and $6,322,513 in developer fees, routine restricted maintenance funds, building funds, and State Prop 39 energy funds. Meeting minutes are progress reports are available below.