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Superintendent's Student Advisory Council

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The MVLA Student Advisory Council (MSAC) meets with the Superintendent monthly to advise, provide feedback and present viable solutions on District initiatives and programs. The MSAC also acts as the advisory council to the Student Board Members. 

The MVLA Student Advisory Council (MSAC) comprises students from each high school. The council is led and facilitated by the MVLAHSD Board of Education Trustees Student Members. Representatives from each site will be selected from the student leadership groups, elected student leaders of clubs and members-at-large will be appointed by the superintendent through an application process. 

Please note that all students serve at the will of the Superintendent. Associated Student Body Presidents, Student Community Leaders President(LAHS), and MVHS Ambassadors leaders are automatically part of the council and are not required to apply. Other members of representative groups on campus may be invited to participate in lieu of applying. Additional members at large will be taken from the student body through an application process including an online application, personal interview, and recommendations from MVLA Staff and other qualified adults. 

  • High school students who attend MVLAHSD high schools 
  • 2.5 or better GPA, preferred 
  • No failing grades or unsatisfactory marks on the preceding end of year report card 
  • Must be able to balance MSAC and school related responsibilities 

  • Must successfully complete the application process, including a personal interview 
  • Must be able to serve at least a one-year term
  • Experience in a school-based leadership position is desired but not required
  • Open to all grades, priority given to students in upper grades

  • Attend all MSAC meetings – Approximately six to ten times per year 
  • Act as a liaison between the Superintendent, Student Board Members and MVLAHSD students 
  • Share information with student constituents at school sites 
  • Maintain a broad understanding of District and school-related issues 
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue regarding students’ views of the performance and operations of MVLAHSD 

Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm
Location:  Mountain View Los Altos High School District Board Room, 1299 Bryant Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94040
Dates: TBD
Student Trustees’ role:
The student trustees (in the role of co-chairs) are ultimately responsible for working as liaisons between all the students in the district and the council in making decisions, creating a platform to account for student voice, and addressing the needs of the student body. The chairs will convene to create the agendas for each meeting, disseminate the agenda for meetings and ensure that wide representation and feedback is gathered at the respective sites. The trustees will facilitate discussion during the meetings, focusing especially when appropriate, on important decisions that the Board of Education will be making in their upcoming meeting. The Student Trustees work with their respective principals to ensure that site administration is aware of the concerns and priorities of the MSAC and their representative student body. The student trustees are ultimately responsible for working as liaisons between the MSAC and the district and for sharing the interests of the student body with the district Board to help create change. 

Councilmember’s Role:
The members of the MSAC are required to gather input and feedback from their respective schools. They must also be focused on achieving the goals of the Board of Trustees, the District Superintendent and the respective school sites.  The members meet with their principals, ASB and other student leadership groups, to share the discussions of the  MSAC to strategize as to how they can help implement ideas at the school sites.  If a council member is unable to attend more than 3 meetings in a school year, they will be asked to consider other opportunities. 

Advisor’s Role:
The Advisor acts as the official adult supervisor. The advisor comes to every meeting and takes attendance. The advisor provides the viewpoint of a qualified adult and provides guidance to the MSAC when they make critical decisions. The advisor works with the Student Trustees to ensure meetings are scheduled and timely. The Advisor works with the Student Trustees to support and mentor their facilitation and input/feedback processes.  The advisor is Michelle Bissonnette, Community Outreach Specialist.

All students serve at the will of the Superintendent.