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MVLA Graduate Profile Process

Graduate Profile Graphic
Design by Student Annie Marcelino

Design by Student Annie Marcelino

Outreach & Feedback

Outreach & Feedback

4/26/2022 Family Partnership Council Input

Family Partnership Council provided the following feedback during the first input gathering with educational partners. 
What are the most important cognitive capacities that should underpin your students’ learning across their classes and through their school experience? You can include capacities like content mastery, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, civic literacy, and other cognitive capacities necessary for success in the 21st century. ¿Cuáles son las capacidades cognitivas más importantes que deberían sustentar el aprendizaje de sus estudiantes en sus clases y a través de su experiencia escolar? Puede incluir capacidades como el dominio del contenido, el pensamiento crítico y la resolución de problemas, la creatividad y la innovación, la alfabetización cívica y otras capacidades cognitivas necesarias para el éxito en el siglo XXI
Understand and apply content
Cultural Humility
Problem Solving✅✅✅
Critical Thinkng✅✅✅
Read Critically
Digital & Media Literacy✅✅✅✅
Verbal & Written Expression/Discretion
Math Application and Importance 
Public Speaking
Comprender y aplicar el contenido.
Humildad Cultural
Resolución de problemas✅✅✅
Pensamiento Crítico✅✅✅
leer críticamente
Alfabetización digital y mediática✅✅✅✅
Expresión verbal y escrita/Discreción
Aplicación e importancia de las matemáticas
Hablar en público
Which personal competencies are valued most at home and at school? Consider capacities like flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self-direction, productivity and accountability, metacognition (learning how to learn), and other personal competencies to empower students in a changing world.
¿Qué competencias personales se valoran más en casa y en la escuela? Considere capacidades como la flexibilidad y la adaptabilidad, la iniciativa y la autodirección, la productividad y la responsabilidad, la metacognición (aprender a aprender) y otras competencias personales para empoderar a los estudiantes en un mundo cambiante.
Ensure students have outside academic activities, hobbies, interests, clubs so they have a release from stress, something they enjoy, life support, healthy ✅

Respect - self, others, the world
Resilience/Perseverance ✅✅✅✅✅✅
Advocacy/Intitiative ✅✅✅
Cultural Awareness✅✅✅✅
Understand the Physical-Mental Health and Wellness Connection
Civic Engagement and Responsibility to Something Larger that “Self”✅✅✅
Growth Mindset
Healthy Coping Skills
Financial Literacy
Asegúrese de que los estudiantes tengan actividades académicas externas, pasatiempos, intereses, clubes para que se liberen del estrés, algo que disfruten, soporte vital, saludable ✅

Respeto - a uno mismo, a los demás, al mundo
Resiliencia/Perseverancia ✅✅✅✅✅✅
Promoción/Iniciativa ✅✅✅
Conciencia Cultural✅✅✅✅
Comprender la conexión entre la salud física y mental y el bienestar
Compromiso cívico y responsabilidad ante algo más grande que el "yo"✅✅✅
Mentalidad de crecimiento
Habilidades de afrontamiento saludables
Equidad / Antirracismo
Educación financiera
Which interpersonal competencies are the most essential for collaboration and community in your school spaces? Reflect on and identify capacities like social and cross-cultural skills, empathy, entrepreneurship, communication, and other skills and dispositions necessary for students to collaborate in their work and in their world.
¿Qué competencias interpersonales son las más esenciales para la colaboración y comunidad en sus espacios escolares? Reflexionar e identificar capacidades como habilidades sociales y transculturales, empatía, emprendimiento, comunicación y otras habilidades y disposiciones necesarias para que los estudiantes colaboren en su trabajo y en su mundo.
Respect - self, others, the world
Conflict Resolution (Social/Emotional)✅✅✅
Emotional Regulation/Self-Awareness✅✅✅✅✅
Community/Relationship Building✅✅✅
Being Accountable
Cross Cultural Competency
Respeto - a uno mismo, a los demás, al mundo
Resolución de Conflictos (Social/Emocional)✅✅✅
Regulación Emocional/Autoconciencia✅✅✅✅✅
Construcción de comunidad/relaciones✅✅✅
Ser responsable
Competencia intercultural

9/27/2022 FPC Priorities Workshop


4/25/2023 FPC/Student Advisory Feedback

Roundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoRoundtable PhotoNotes from roundtableNotes from roundtableNotes from roundtableNotes from roundtableNotes from roundtableNotes from roundtable
4/27 FPC Meeting/Student Feedback on Graduate Profile
  • Build Resilience/Embrace Challenges
  • CHaracter implied in Contribute Ethically (do we need responsibly too?)
  • Build resilience feels the most real
  • Most relatable: Ethical, Think Critically, Build and Maintain Diverse/Collab relationships
  • Parent likes “responsiblity” in there bc there are irresponsible ways to solve problems too
  • Good job of representing our schools
  • Compelling, see lots of examples throughout curriculum 
  • Think critically could omit “solve problems”
  • “Responsibly” doesnt sit so well
  • LEADERSHIP is missing
  • PASSION? For problem solving
  • Global Community is aspirational -sphere of focus feels too big
  • IS there a place for Authenticity?Is it too subjective? How to measure?
  • Replace diversity with EQUITY
  • Difficult to “embrace challenges” when we feel afraid to fail and ruin our futures.
  • Community feels more separated, how to encourage CONNECTION
  • Emphasize physical and mental well being
  • Missing seeing themselves as part of a community
  • What about finding BALANCE?
  • What about LIFE SKILLS ? (practical like running a meeting, having a budget etc)
There was a lot of discussion on examples of how this feels “real” or not - that information is not recorded here but is available to share (and posted on the website). 
Please note that this feedback has not yet been incorporated into the Graduate Profile as of May 2023. We are still collecting feedback before we revise the graphic.

5/1/2023-5/19/2023 Education Partners ThoughtExchange

THoughtex EnglishTHoughtEx SPanish
We are committed to ensuring that the Graduate Profile reflects the needs of our students and the community. We are also committed to providing our students with the skills and experiences they need to be successful in college and beyond.  
Summary of Thought Exchange
The responses to the Graduate Profile reveal a variety of opinions. Some respondents appreciate the focus on individual students, resilience, and critical thinking, while others express concerns about the lack of emphasis on academic preparedness, eligibility for higher education, and employability. (Note that the Graduate Profile is meant to supplement academic preparedness and college and career preparation.)
Overall, the feedback highlights the importance of balancing academic and life skills, addressing mental health, and considering diverse pathways for students' success.