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Foothill College Now!

New Academic Opportunity for Self-Motivated Learners: COLLEGE NOW!

MVLA High School District and Foothill College have collaborated on a new program - College Now! - so some juniors and seniors can start college early and graduate from high school with a year or more of transferable college credits.

College Now! is ideal for students who are highly self-motivated, mature, independent, responsible and hardworking, and who may have ‘outgrown’ high school and are seeking a stimulating educational environment that is different from high school. This new program is also a possible alternative for students who were interested in Middle College, but did not get in because of limited capacity in the program.

College Now! participants can experience education in a totally different way: a challenging and inspiring environment, engaging students in college-level work while technically still in high school. They can save thousands of dollars in tuition and fees by completing college credits at the same time they are finishing their high school graduation requirements.

How does it work?

Students would take all their classes at Foothill College and those classes would count toward meeting high school graduation requirements, and be transferable to UCs or CSUs. A high school advisor and college counselors guide students throughout their two years at Foothill to help reach personal, college, and career goals. Plus students can still participate in their high school graduation ceremonies!

Some students may earn enough college credit to qualify for an AA degree upon graduating from high school. Students can transfer to a four-year school immediately after graduating from high school or remain at Foothill and continue working toward an AA/AS degree or a technical certificate.

While the high school fall semester starts in August, Foothill’s quarter begins in September. To get ready, students attend a mandatory meeting with their parents to make sure that COLLEGE NOW! is for them. During this time students will also enroll in an “Introduction to College” course.

Want to learn more about this new opportunity? Talk to your high school counselor or call Mr. Bill Pierce at 650-691-2432 or email Mrs. Brigitte Sarraf: