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Daily Bulletin 6/3/19

MVHS Logo ANNOUNCEMENTS - Schedule A|Senior Finals

Come out to the quad at lunch on Tuesday to listen to some calming and beautiful harp music. On Tuesday as well there will be massages and therapy dogs. On Monday @ lunch therer will be farm animals located int he science quad. (Rietveld)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Repeated Announcements ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈ 

Yearbooks are still on sale and may be purchased and picked up from the Finance Office. Open daily at brunch, lunch and afterschool. Need financial help? Apply for PTSA scholarship in the Activities Office. (Engle)

Seniors! Senior checkout reminder emails will be generated twice weekly to your school email until senior checkout day! These emails are a reminder of your checkout needs. You may also log in to the senior checkout app to check your status any time at You will need to log in with your MVLA email account, and go to 'Senior Portal' to view your checkout status! (Freitas)

Dear Class of 2019 (Seniors) It is critical that you carefully read and follow the instructions emailed to you on May 13, 2019 regarding “Request a final transcript through Naviance”. Your college admission in the fall depends on your final transcript submission. Thank you and Congratulations! Rose Russo, Registrar (Russo)

All students not returning to Mountain View High School in August 2019 (fall semester) MUST pick up a withdrawal form from the Registrar on June 3, 2019.  A withdrawal packet, including an unofficial transcript will be ready for pick up from the Registrar on Friday, June 7th no later than 2pm. (Russo)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Teachers Corner ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈

None at this time.