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Daily Bulletin 10/10/19


Today there will be Spartans Pause events! Head out to the quad for creative and fun activities! (Camarillo) 

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Repeated Announcements ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈

Room Assignments will be posted on the library conference room windows on Friday afternoon, October 11th. Please look up your name to find out where you will need to go before Wednesday morning. Thank you. (Vitz)

To ALL MVHS Freshmen! Come to room 113 @ lunch TODAY and Thursday, 10/10 after school from 3:30-5:30 PM for the Freshmen Homecoming Float Flower Party! Food wil be included! See you there! (Yow)

The junior t-shirt order form is here! Order and pay for your shirt at, before the form closes on October 18th. (Rietveld)

The Friday is the Fall Instrumental Music Concert! Come to the theater this Friday @ 7 PM to support the program and listed to great music! (Kneebone)

Dear seniors, do you need help with your college essays or UC personal insight questions? If so, there will be tutors in the tutorial center that are available for a one hour appointment. These tutors are a wonderful resource on campus! You may sign up for an appointment with a tutor via Naviance. (Yazdani)

Dear Seniors, are you planning on applying for financial aid? If so, don't forget to come to our cash for college workshop on Wednesday, October 16th in room 514. You may come with a parent any time between 4:00pm-6:30pm. There will be financial aid specialists available to help you and your parent submit the FAFSA or Dream Act application. (Yazdani)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Teachers Corner ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ 

FSFball @ 1:30 PM
Bandy, Chase                        Barmore, Chris                    Bautista, Kevin                 Behzad, Arman 
Castaneda, David                  Conaway, Tommy                 Cotner, Brian                    De Dios, Jose
Ecklund, Kaleb                      Herrera, Brian                      Kant, Min                         Korobkin, William
Lee, William                          Mastropietro, Quinton          Naron, Jerome                  Navarro, Leo
Pegarido, Dylan                     Sanchez, Ivan                     Scafidi, Aidan                   Steffen, Jackson
Tynefield, Mason                   Yocum, Chase                      Asam, Yusuf                     Boyd, Parker
Cerventes, Miguel                 Guimaraes Jr.,Andre             Ibarra, Maurico                 Kjos, Micah
Lai, Dawson                          Miranda, Henry                   Newman, Frankien             Rodriguez, Davian
Roque, Luis                           Santamaria, Elias                Sotelo, Jose                      Thomas, Aidan
Tshimanga, Matthew              Vete, Savelio                       Wilkening, Drake              Klara Hellqvist
Max Wang

GWpolo @ 1:55 PM
Lucy Mahlmeister                  Sebija  Haxhicani                 Anna Finlay                      Marisa Barrett
Madeline Connell                   Ana Nardelli                        Isabella Del Alcazar           Annie Eggleton
Maddie Komo                        Erin Lovell                          Katherine Michaels             Tessa  Cowley
Allison Rudolph                     Nicole  Thomas                   Sophie Waggoner               Lexi Rudolph
Cassidy Hatch                       Samantha Berry                 Asha Brodie                       Kristiana Cambouris
Kaitlyn Conover-Emmert        Nesyah Galatin                   Kadrianna Hall                   Makena Hatch
Hazel Holmberg                    Cassandra James                Eliana Katz                        Ella Komo
Katherine McCarthy               Hermione Millano                Neve O’Sullivan                 Sierra Paul
Lindsey Schlossman              Olivia Wall                          Kyra Yu

GTennis @ 2:50 PM
Marina Raynaud                    Olivia Lai