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Daily Bulletin 9/3/19

MVHS Logo ANNOUNCEMENTS - Tutorial Schedule

Do you have an idea worth spreading or are interested in giving a TED talk? If you answered yes or maybe, come audition for MVHS’s TEDx 2020 event! This year our theme is Breaking Barriers and we want to hear your point of view. There will be an information meeting held September 6th during lunch in Room 208. Auditions will be held on Wednesday September 11 in Room 610 starting at 2:45 and on Thursday September 12th in Room 611 starting at 2. You can sign up for a time slot in the activities office or at the meeting. Make sure to come prepared with a 2-3 minute pitch on what you want to talk about. For more information follow @tedxmountainviewhighschool on Instagram and we can’t wait to hear your ideas! (Miraglia)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Repeated Announcements ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈

The MVLA Speech and Debate Club welcomes all students to join us at 7 pm on Wednesdays at the MVHS Library. Speech and Debate gives students a wonderful opportunity to gain numerous skills and a great community. No experience is necessary we look forward to seeing you there on Wednesdays! (Herman)

For JUNIORS: Be a homework helper at the Mountain View Public Library. This paid-job opportunity is available to juniors who have strong grades and are available weekday afternoons or evenings.  If you are friendly, outgoing and enjoy helping others with homework, this may be the job for you! If you're interested, please check-out the flyer posted in the library. Deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 4th. (Lamarche)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Teachers Corner ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿


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