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Daily Bulletin 8/30/19



Reminder Spartans! Monday, September 2, 2019 is a holiday (Labor Day). No school on Monday. Students return on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 for a Tutorial Schedule. (Freitas)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Repeated Announcements ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈

The MVLA Speech and Debate Club welcomes all students to join us at 7 pm on Wednesdays at the MVHS Library. Speech and Debate gives students a wonderful opportunity to gain numerous skills and a great community. No experience is necessary we look forward to seeing you there on Wednesdays! (Herman)

Come join Mountain View High School's nationally ranked Science Olympiad team. New student and parent orientation is this Friday, August 30th from 6:30 - 8:00 PM in Room 617. Snacks will be provided. (Xu)

Attention anyone interested in playing Boys Basketball this year. There will be a mandatory meeting at lunch this Friday August 30th at Lunch in Room P6. (Smith)

For JUNIORS: Be a homework helper at the Mountain View Public Library. This paid-job opportunity is available to juniors who have strong grades and are available weekday afternoons or evenings.  If you are friendly, outgoing and enjoy helping others with homework, this may be the job for you! If you're interested, please check-out the flyer posted in the library. Deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 4th. (Lamarche)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Teachers Corner ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿

FSFball @ 2:15 PM
Bandy, Chase                     Barmore, Chris                 Bautista, Kevin                Behzad, Arman
Castaneda, David               Conaway, Tommy              Cotner, Brian                   De Dios, Jose
Ecklund, Kaleb                   Herrera, Brian                   Kant, Min                        Korobkin, William
Lee, William                       Mastropietro, Quinton        Naron, Jerome                Navarro, Leo
Pegarido, Dylan                  Sanchez, Ivan                   Scafidi, Aidan                 Seeley, Holden
Steffen, Jackson                 Tynefield, Mason               Yocum, Chase                 Asam, Yusuf
Boyd, Parker                      Cerventes, Miguel              Foni, Vuki                      Guimaraes Jr.,Andre
Ibarra, Maurico                   Kjos, Micah                       Lai, Dawson                  Meza, Emmanuel
Miranda, Henry                   Newman, Frankie              Rodriguez, Davian          Roque, Luis
Ruiz, Adelmo                      Santamaria, Elias              Sotelo, Jose                  Thomas, Aidan
Tshimanga, Matthew           Vete, Savelio                    Wilkening, Drake            Hornung, Nick
Cye Koucheky