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Daily Bulletin 8/23/19


Attention returning mock trial team members: the first practice for returning team members only is Tuesday August 27th at 7pm in room 314.  For students newly interested in mock trial, watch for announcements and flyers about mock trial team new member info sessions. (Krauss)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Repeated Announcements ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈

Ever dreamt of performing with The Spartan Marching Band? Now's your chance! All instruments including color guard are welcome! We have a high demand for two Synthesizer players and a Timpani player for our percussion section. Piano experience is recommended, but not required. Find Anna or Jason in Packard Hall for more information. (Kneebone)

Come study, read, relax, and generally be mellow in the MVHS Library! We are open daily from 7:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. Extended hours for students on campus after school will be from 4:00-6:00 P.M, Monday through Thursday. Come on by! (Lamarche)

For JUNIORS: Be a homework helper at the Mountain View Public Library. This paid-job opportunity is available to juniors who have strong grades and are available weekday afternoons or evenings.  If you are friendly, outgoing and enjoy helping others with homework, this may be the job for you! If you're interested, please check-out the flyer posted in the library. Deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 4th. (Lamarche)

Welcome Back Spartans!

Freshman and Sophomores please put a lock on your assigned locker by the end of Friday Aug 23rd....YOUR LOCKER WILL BE REASSIGNED AS OF MONDAY AUG 26TH (Herrera) 

Students! Friendly reminder that there is no parking allowed in the front Faculty lot. Your car will be ticketed and towed. Also, for the first month of school, NO PARKING at Foothill Covenant Church. Thank You! (Quinones)

This Thursday is our first Council of Presidents meeting at lunch in the ASB Room 413/415. If your approved club wants to sell anything @ Back to School Night, you must attend! This Thursday @ lunch in Room 413/415. (Yow)

⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿ Teachers Corner ◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿◈⦿

FS Fball @ 2:15 PM
Chase Bandy              Chris Barmore            Kevin Bautista             Arman Behzad
David Castaneda         Tommy Conaway        Brian Cotner               Jose De Dios
Kaleb Ecklund             Brian Herrera             Min Kant                     James King Rodriguez
William Korobkin         William Lee                Quinton Mastropietro   Jerome Naron
Leo Navarro                Dylan Pegarido           Ivan Sanchez              Aidan Scafidi
Holden Seeley             Jackson Steffen          Mason Tynefield          Chase Yocum
Yusuf Asam                 Parker Boyd               Andre Guimaraes Jr.    Micah Kjos
Dawson Lai                 Henry Miranda            Frankie Newman         Davian Rodriguez
Luis Roque                  Elias Santamaria         Jose Sotelo                Aidan Thomas
Matthew Tshimanga     Drake Wilkening          Maurico Ibarra           Adelmo Ruiz
Savelio Vete                Emmanuel Meza          Miguel Cervantes       Vuki Foni