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Paige Price Joins MVLA IST Team

Paige Price Joins the IST Team

With more than two decades of classroom experience under her belt, MVHS teacher Paige Price will share her expertise with colleagues as a new member of MVLA’s Instructional Support Team (IST).  Price joins Marcey Winawer, Tim Farrell and Megan Sibley.

Price has been at Mountain View High School for 21 years, teaching AP Composition, Comp & World Literature, AP Literature and other English classes. She completed her Master of Arts in Education at Stanford in 1999.  

The IST team approach supports cohesiveness, coordination, and instructional continuity, and complements existing curriculum and instructional programs. They provide site and district support on Common Core state standards, literacy, science, math and science standards, as well as trainings on Next Generation Science Standards, communications, collaboration, critical thinking, and much more. 

Launched in 2014, MVLA’s IST is an innovative teacher training and support program. Price replaces Joy Hellman, who retired at the end of the last school year.