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351 Medals for MVLA World Language Students

351 Medals for MVLA World Language Students;

Two Perfect Scores in 2019 National Exams

Learning a world language opens people to cultures and countries. Hundreds of students in the Mountain View Los Altos High School District (MVLA) take all levels of classes in World Languages, including Spanish, French, Latin (LAHS), and Japanese (MVHS).

Every year, students from all over the nation participate in their language class’s national exam amongst other students at their level. Teachers find great value in having their students take national exams because the tests honor student achievement and promote biliteracy. This year, MVLA students took home numerous honors, record numbers for some classes.

Not all MVLA World Language teachers administer the national tests; the summary of results of this year’s exams follows, organized by school.


Los Altos High School (LAHS)


LAHS students in Spanish 1, Spanish 2, 2 Honors, 3, 3 Honors, 4 and 4 Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish Language and Culture earned a total of 72 gold, 120 silver and 89 bronze medals, along with 160 honorable mentions. Sixty-eight percent of the LAHS students taking the Spanish language exam received a medal.

Gold Winners: 42

Silver Winners: 86

Bronze Winners: 66


About 132,000 students in the United States and 24 other countries took the National Latin Exam. More than 60 percent of LAHS students who took the national Latin exam earned a score above the national average.

Gold Winners: 17

Silver Winners: 20

Bronze Winners: 12


Mountain View High School (MVHS)

In the United States, more than 70,100 students participated in the French national contest. This year, three MVHS teachers chose to give the exam to their students; more than half of the students received a medal.

Two outstanding French students earned a perfect score and received a Platinum medal and a special plaque because they placed first in the nation. Anjali Lauwers received a perfect score in Level 2 and Wesley Ho received a perfect score in Level 3. Both students and teacher received a “Le Premier Prix” plaque commemorating this special achievement.

MVHS French teacher Clotilde Grès said, “I am always overwhelmed by the results of the French National Contest. I am so proud of all my students and this year, for the first time in my career, one of my students placed first in the nation.”

French AP

Gold Winners: 3

Silver Winners: 5

Bronze Winners: 6

French 2 and French 3/3H

Platinum: 2

Gold Winners: 7

Silver Winners: 15

Bronze Winners: 7

French 2

Gold Winners: 8

Silver Winners: 8

Bronze Winners: 8

French 1

Gold Winners: 1

Silver Winners: 1

Bronze Winners: 6


In MVHS’s Japanese language classes, 80 percent of students earned medals.

Japanese 1

Gold Winners: 2

Silver Winners: 1

Bronze Winners: 9

Japanese 2

Gold Winners: 2

Silver Winners: 6

Bronze Winners: 1

Japanese 4 AP

Gold Winners: 4

Silver Winners: 4

Bronze Winners: 4

MVHS Japanese teacher Minako Walther said, “I am very proud of all my students who have the highest standards in the nation. I appreciate that our district funds and allows us to participate in such contests and obtain the awards that motivate students as bilinguals.”