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MVHS Student of the Month: Shannon Gould

Shannon Gould is Mountain View High School's May Student of the Month.

A junior, Shannon is a remarkable student, enrolled in US History, American Literature, Spanish III Honors, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science, and AP Physics.

Along with balancing all these classes, she is an active member of the MVHS cross country, varsity soccer and track teams. Shannon also plays on a competitive club soccer team and is a year-round volunteer for a tennis camp called ACEing Autism. Additionally, Shannon volunteered to be a cabin leader at Walden West Science Camp, where she had the opportunity to lead a group of 20 5th grade girls in interesting academic activities and games.

Besides working with children in the outdoors, Shannon is also interested in programming and

building helpful apps or accommodations for those who may benefit. She is currently a member of the MVHS Creator's Club, and every Monday and Thursday the club gets together to build a sensory wall for the Special Education department at Mountain View.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys going on hikes, bike rides, and camping with my friends and family. She also juggles and can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

Over the summer, Shannon trained for Cross Country while she also volunteered at a summer camp called Kick Lead Dream (KLD) where she coached underprivileged kids soccer.

In college, Shannon plans to major in a STEM field, potentially as a computer science, software engineering, or math. After college, she hopes to explore the world and work at a company where she can spread her ideas and build things to help improve the world and quality of life for as many people as possible. She is also looking forward to a fun senior year!