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MVHS Student of the Month: Gage Rodriguez

Senior Gage Rodriguez is the September 2019 Student of the Month for Mountain View High School. Gage is an outstanding student who is a hard worker, a leader, and is remarkably intelligent. He is enrolled in challenging classes such as AP Statistics, AP Physics C,

AP Gov/Macro, Multivariable Calculus Honors and AP Literature. He has been taking an extremely challenging course load since Freshman year, and he has always excelled.

Gage is also an active member of the marching band for which he plays the trumpet, the Speech and Debate team, and Mock Trial, all of which he has been doing for his entire tenure at Mountain View. In Speech and Debate, Gage was part of the first team in Mountain View history to go to the Tournament of Champions, an impressive feat. Gage has been to County quarterfinals for Mock Trial for the past two years; he has been an attorney for the past three years, and this year he is the prosecution captain. He was also the co-president of Mock Trial last year, and will likely be again this year. 

On top of all of this, Gage has been on the varsity tennis team since he was a sophomore, showing true skill in time management and balance. Outside of all of this academic and extracurricular excellence, Gage finds enjoyment in table tennis, as well as both skiing and snowboarding. 

Gage is an exemplary student, and we are lucky to have him at Mountain View High School.