Policies and Planning for Clubs

  • All club fundraisers and events are approved on a first come first served basis. Keep this in mind when requesting a date. Events and fundraisers will be published on the Google Calendar by mid-September. If you have any questions, please contact the Clubs Commissioner, Joy Lee, at 100022359@mvla.net

    1. Chartering a club
      1. A club must promote at least one of the following:
        1. school curriculum
        2. school co-curriculum/athletics
        3. service activities
        4. cultural activities
      2. Clubs have the following privileges:
        1. raise funds (following school guidelines)
        2. maintain an ASB account
        3. participate in school-sponsored activities
        4. use the announcements
      3. Clubs must:
        1. receive prior approval for all activities from ASB
        2. have properly supervised and chaperoned activities
        3. follow all accounting procedures for fundraising/handling funds
    2. Fundraisers
      1. A fundraiser is any event hosted by a club that raises money.
      2. A “Fundraiser and Event” form can be found in the Attendance Office. Requests for day fundraisers should be submitted around two-four weeks in advance. However, scheduling varies and this does not guarantee the date. Request for long-term fundraising should be submitted much earlier (See long-term fundraisers). 
      3. Once the fundraiser is approved by ASB and a club receives email confirmation, they are permitted to hold the event. Publicizing can only occur after approval.
      4. All clubs holding fundraisers must request a cash box from Ms. McHugh in the finance office at least four days in advance. Money must be directly turned into her after the fundraiser takes place to be submitted into the club’s account.
      5. If the fundraiser involves food, it must take place before or after school. This means after seventh on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and after sixth on Wednesday.
      6. If a table is desired, a club should contact one of the day janitors a day in advance requesting a table in a specific location and time.
    3. Events
      1. Any activity that is held by a club holding an LAHS connection is considered an event. These events can occur at other locations or times other than school or when school is in session. 
      2. Clubs must submit a “Fundraiser and Event” form for any event. The filled out form should detail the time, day, and location of the event and exactly what the club’s role will be in that event.
      3. After the event is approved by email confirmation, further planning is allowed. Advertising may only start after approval is received. Depending on the event, further steps may need to be taken.
    4. Drives
      1. Drives are events that usually one week long and consist of a club placing bins in various areas, with the staff member of that area’s permission. These bins are often used to collect certain items needed by the club.
      2. A “Fundraiser and Event” form should be filled out by the club requesting to hold a drive a certain week and should clearly describe what is being collected and what it will be used for. Because clubs are requesting a whole week, the request should be submitted well in advance to secure the spot they desire.
      3. Advertising cannot take place until email confirmation is received.
      4. Once confirmed, the club may work with teachers and staff to place bins, supplied by the club, in various parts of the school campus.
      5. There may be one on-campus drive per month. These drives will be approved on a first come first serve basis. 
    5. Long Term Fundraising
      1. A long term fundraiser is similar to a fundraiser, except it occurs for more than one day. All rules of normal fundraisers apply.
      2. In addition, long term fundraising may take place for a maximum of two weeks.
      3. There may be a maximum of three on-campus, long term fundraisers per school year.
      4. If the fundraiser is an online fundraiser, see the “Online Fundraising” section below.
    6. Online Fundraising
      1. There will be NO online fundraising for clubs affiliated with Los Altos High School.
      2. If a club is in need of extra money, it is possible they may apply for a PTSA grant.
    7. Advertising
      1. Announcement forms are available in the Attendance Office and should be submitted before lunch the previous day. If the announcement is to be played on Friday, it should be submitted Wednesday’s lunch.
      2. Video announcements: To be discussed by Talon.
      3. Any sort of advertisement associated with LAHS that will be posted in public, or on campus, must be approved by administration. If a poster is to be taped on campus, a club should use blue painter’s tape only, and should only post it in public areas. If they are to post it in/on a classroom, they must have the teacher’s permission.
      4. Advertisements should be school appropriate.

    Board Policy on Student Groups

    1. Charter clubs must:
      1. receive prior approval for all activities from Ms. Woolfolk.
      2. have properly supervised and chaperoned activities.
      3. follow all accounting procedures for for handling/raising funds.
    2. Curriculum-related groups are to be chartered and defined in the following manner:
      1. group’s subject matter is actually taught or will be taught in a regularly-offered course.
      2. participation in the group is required for a particular course.
      3. participation in the group results in academic credit.
      4. “class” such as “senior class,” is considered, by law, to be a curriculum related group.
    3. A group based upon whose intent is religious in nature may not become a recognized student group. However, such groups shall be permitted to meet on school premises in keeping with the district’s limited open forum. Groups shall not overtly or covertly in anyway attempt to influence non-member students about the beliefs, ideals, or philosophies of the group. Information about a group or its meetings may be made available to the students. However, no undue pressure may be placed on any student to join or in any way support or endorse any student group.
    4. The limited open forum provision states that a public secondary school may grant the opportunity for non-curriculum related student-initiated groups to meet on school premises during non-instructional time, based on the following conditions:
      1. The meeting is voluntary, student-initiated, student-led.
      2. A school employee is in attendance at all meetings or activities for “custodial” purposes and in a non-participatory capacity. 
      3. The meeting does not interfere with the orderly conduct of school.
      4. Non-school personnel do not direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend meetings.
      5. Permission is received from Ms. Wolfolk to meet on campus.
      6. Participation in prayer or other religious activities, services, or instruction is not required as a condition for attending any student activity.
      7. Students conducting the meeting may post a flyer on campus inviting other students to attend the meeting as long as the flyer makes clear the meeting or activity is not sponsored by the school or school district. (This flyer must be approved by ASB and the assistant principal one week in advance and posted in a designated area.)
    5. Access to buildings are grounds of the school shall not be denied any student-initiated group on the basis of religious, political, philosophical, or any other content to be addressed at such meetings or activities unless it is deemed by the principal, or his/her designee, that convening a particular meeting threatens to disrupt the order, discipline, or school instructional program, or threatens the health and safety of the students or staff.
    6. Parents and guardians shall be informed, at the beginning of each semester three parent newsletters of the existence of all non-recognized student-initiated groups that have been granted the privilege of meeting on campus. Parents shall be responsible for communicating with their student(s) any personal or family preferences or desires, regarding participation in any particular group. The school district should not be responsible for student’s decision to join or participate in any student activity or group.

    Advertising Videos

    The Talon Broadcasting Department features numerous events that occur on and off the LAHS campus along with the daily announcements some mornings. The Talon also occasionally airs non-Talon videos. If you are an LAHS student and would like a video distributed to the school, The Talon is glad to consider them.

    If you would like to submit your club or event for The Talon to feature, please contact us at talon.lahs@gmail.com.

    Requirements for Student-Submitted Videos

    The main focus of Talon Broadcasting is quality and clarity. It’s in everyone’s best interests to maintain a certain level of quality because we want students to watch the announcements each morning.

    General Requirements

    • Submitted videos should be submitted 4-7 days before the morning they are intended to be aired. This gives The Talon ample time for scheduling.
    • Submitted videos must be no longer than 1 minute in length. If your video is longer than 1 minute and can not be shortened, talk with us about the possibility of allowing your slot extra time.
    • Submitted videos must be made by LAHS students OR have clear relevance to the LAHS student body.
    • The purpose of your video must be to suggest some action to be taken by a significant portion of the student body (e.g. to donate to a cause, to purchase an item, to audition for a group or to attend an event), not just to advertise a group’s existence.
    • Submit a unique video for each day you want your announcement to run. Exceptions may be given to videos of particularly good quality, or videos with significant importance to many students.
    • No nudity, drug/alcohol references, or profanity. Students in submitted videos must meet the school’s dress code requirements.
    • In general, videos must be engaging and short enough to command the attention of the student body.

    Technical Requirements

    • Minimum video quality of 720p.
    • Audio must be discernable. If there is dialogue, words must be clearly heard.
    • You must own the copyright to the music or images included in your video, or have permission to use copyrighted music/images. Receipts for purchased media or documentation that proves you have permission to use licensed media must be included in your submission.
    • Your video should be completely edited upon submission.Please include the names of the people or group to whom you would like The Talon to attribute the production of your video.
    • Your submission must be formatted as a .mp4 or .mov file. Please do not submit a YouTube/Vimeo link.

    Criteria for Selecting Student-Submitted Videos

    Occasionally, more videos are submitted for distribution than can fit into the five-minute announcement period.  In such instances, we will use the following criteria to determine which videos will be distributed.

    • Proximity of the event being advertised.  Videos advertising events that are happening today will be prioritized over videos advertising events that will occur next week.
    • Repetition.  Even if you’re submitting different videos for each day, we will prioritize announcements for new events over announcements for events that have already been advertised.
    • Tie to the school.  Videos connected to curricular activities (like Broken Box) will be prioritized over long-standing clubs (like ODFL or Haiti Solidarity), which will in turn be prioritized over less long-standing clubs (like the Sailing Club).