English as a Second Language (ESL) and Citizenship

  • ESL classes from literacy level to advanced level are taught in our program. These free classes are held at the MVLA Adult School and the Mountain View Senior Center. Students are placed on a space available basis. Some classes are full and students may have to wait for a place in class. Regular attendance in all ESL classes is required to remain in the program.

    Citizenship classes are held Mondays 6:00-9:00PM and Thursdays 12:30-3:30PM, and are open to students in Intermediate-level ESL or above. Study important information about American history, government, culture, and geography. Practice answering questions for the citizenship exam. Students should enroll at least 3 months before sending in their application for U.S. citizenship.

    We also offer enrichment opportunities for students with advanced English levels. Please view our course catalog or visit online registration for more information.

    ESL Winter/Spring 2019

    Placement tests for Winter/Spring 2019 ESL classes will be given on Wednesdays Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 6, Apr. 3. Please register online ahead of time at ESL Registration. Online registration does not ensure a spot for the placement tests.

    Students who are eligible to attend our ESL classes must take a placement test. Checking in for placement tests is an in-person; first come first served process, separate from the online registration. Students should come to the adult school the day of the test at least one hour before the test is scheduled. Space is limited. Priority is given to residents of Mountain View, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills. Bring photo identification and proof of address, to show you live in one of these cities. No childcare is available during testing. Students should have already completed the online registration process. Be sure to contact the school or come into the office before to the placement test date, if you need assistance or have any questions.

    We do not guarantee anyone an English class even if you register online or take the placement test. The pre-interview and placement test are given to determine if we have a class at a level that is right for you. If you do not qualify for our core program, you may be interested in enrolling in one of our English Enrichment classes.

    For enrollment in morning classes only, check-in begins at 8:00AM. Test at 9:00AM.
    For enrollment in afternoon classes only, check-in begins at 11:45AM. Test at 12:30PM.
    For enrollment in evening classes only, check-in begins at 5:00PM. Test at 6:00PM.

    People may begin to line up even earlier than these times. We do our best to help as many people as possible, however the school cannot guarantee that you will be tested no matter when you arrive.

    Winter/Spring 2019 ESL Classes for continuing students. Regular student attendance is mandatory in all ESL classes. ESL Beginning Literacy, ESL Beginning (Low–High), ESL Intermediate (Low–High), ESL Advanced (Low–High), and ESL Multilevel. These classes are free.


    • M-F (Daily 8:45-11:45AM) at Adult School (All Levels)
    • M-Th (4 Days 12:30-3:30PM) at Adult School (Beg High to Adv Low ONLY)
    • M–Th (4 Nights 6:00-9:00PM) at Adult School (All levels)
    • M/Th/F (3 Days 8:45-10:15AM or 10:30AM-12:00PM) at Mountain View Senior Center for studnets Age 55+ only (Beginning 8:45AM ONLY; Intermediate 10:30AM ONLY)