Mr. Héctor Pérez

Phone: 650-575-0872


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in journalism MA in International and Multicultural Multiple Subject Bilingual: Spanish Single Subject - English

Mr. Héctor Pérez

Mr. P’s Autobiography


I WOULD tell you about my car, but most of you wouldn’t appreciate it; although, it IS a nice car.


Before I entered Kindergarten, my name was pronounced correctly. Héctor - silent H, first syllable stressed. Pérez - soft P, accent on the first syllable.


But then I entered school and my name got changed into something that sounds like someone’s hocking up a loogy. HEC ter Pur ESS. It was not until I got to the University of San Francisco (USF), that I woke up. Dr. Amilcar Lobos told me to demand the correct pronunciation of my name. 40 years after taking Chicano Studies, I am still fighting for the correct pronunciation and spelling. Even this august institution fails to place accent marks on my name. And so it goes.


I graduated from USF and began looking for my thrill - broadcasting, acting, writing, journalism, comedy, and sales. I was an awful salesperson. Every other dream I chased failed to fill my soul with anything powerfully good… until, out of desperation to pay the monthlies, I began to work as a substitute teacher at St. Rose Academy in San Francisco. I soon discovered that THIS gig was both fun AND soulfulfilling. I began working full time at St. Rose in the fall of 1985. In the spring of 1986, I coached softball for the first time. That was the beginning of a coaching career that ended only in the spring of 2017 when I coached our MVHS varsity to the De Anza League Championship.


I rushed over to the School of Education to see what it took to get a teaching credential - I had found my thrill on Blueberry Hill and my future on St. Ignatius Hill. Once I earned my credential, I left St. Rose for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Middle School - located in the Bayview Hunter’s Point section of San Francisco. While there, I fell in love with coaching hoops. I taught English and Social Studies while I waited for practice to start. We took two City Championships - no easy feat in The City.


The time, however, came for me to do as my wife asked - to find a better paying gig so she didn’t have to raise kids in a condo in the middle of The City. She had this idea of lawns and no sirens. I went back to USF for a Masters degree in Multicultural Education - the precursor to an Ethnic Studies in Education degree. I also got my single subject credential in English.  Armed with an MA and a single subject cred, I applied to the well compensating districts and was offered THIS gig by a man named Hope.


I began inflicting English upon unsuspecting teens at MVHS in 2002. I have coached hoops and softball. I took a leave of senses and taught ELD at Los Altos for two years, but I clicked my ruby reds and made it back to Kansas.


And now you know THE REST OF THE STORY, as Paul Harvey used to exclaim.


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