Dr. Mala Krishna

Phone: (650) 691-2404


Degrees and Certifications:

BSc in Biology MSc Medical Microbiology PhD Medical Microbiology Stanford post doc DNAX post doc Research Scientist in local Biotech companies

Dr. Mala Krishna

This year we are going to discover the wonders of the Living World and how it works! 

I expect commitment and hard work on your part and I will give you different avenues to explore the key concepts we are going to study.  

You are the next generation and my goal with this class is to give you the background knowledge and skills you need to make informed decisions about issues that promise to have major impact on your lives. 

Depth of Knowledge, critical thinking and collaboration are  key elements in becoming a productive member of society and if YOU choose to put in the effort I can assure you of a successful year. 

The tutorial center is a great place to get one-on-one help if you have questions from classwork, labs or homework. If you have any questions or concerns or information pertaining to the coursework feel free to email me at mala.krishna@mvla.net

 Room 115:
I am available most lunchtimes and my prep periods: 1 and 6.  
If there is demand we can have regular review sessions during the week.
See me or email me in advance to set up a time to meet on an individual basis. 

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I will be using Elists to send information, due date changes, data etc. for this class. Also, check the Bio and AP Bio folders for my H/W notes etc. 
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