• Volunteer Driver - Application and Approval Form

    Only those parents, school district employees, or other adults who have been approved by the district may transport students to and from school activities in private or district-owned vehicles. Applicant agrees to transport students to school-sponsored events only after the district receives all required documentation and approves the application. District policy does NOT permit students to drive other students to events. School district insurance does not provide bodily injury or property damage liability coverage for use of private vehicles.

    Documents Required:

    Attach a clear copy of your current (within the last 30 days) CA DMV Driver Record Report (DMV points acquired within the last 3 years automatically disqualify you to drive.)

    Attach a clear copy of your California driver’s license

    Attach a clear copy of the page of your auto insurance policy that shows your name, the policy number, and verification of current coverage amounts (minimum requirement is $100,000 / $300,000 in bodily injury liability)

    Complete this form and sign the Hold Harmless statement below

    Return this form and all required paperwork to the address listed above

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