Citizens Oversight Committee for Measure E Spending

  • The MVLA High School District has established a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee to review expenditures from construction activity associated with Measure E, which was approved by District voters on June 5, 2018.  

    The Committee is responsible for ensuring that bond revenues are used only as voters intended and for informing the public of bond expenditures. Minutes of this committee's meetings will be posted below.

  • Meeting Minutes for April 26, 2019



    APRIL 26, 2019 AT 3:30 P.M.

    COC Members Present: Alan Cyron (Chair, Senior Citizen Organization member)

    • Mary Ng Dooley (Vice Chair, Parent member)
    • Cleave Frink, Jr. (Taxpayer member)
    • Michelle Lee (Parent & School Organization member)
    • James Martin (Business Organization member)
    • Joe Mitchner (Community & At Large member)
    • Amanda Patron (Community & At Large member)

    COC Members Absent: None

    MVLA Members Present: Mike Mathiesen (Associate Superintendent, Business Services)

    Others Present: Rick Kramer, Kramer Project Development Co. Inc. (KPDC)

    Cheryl Demeyer, KPDC

    Opening Business

    Mike Mathiesen introduced himself and shared a brief overview of the purpose of the COC. Rick Kramer then introduced his firm that is assisting the District in managing the Measure E program. The members of the COC took turns introducing themselves.

    Responsibilities of the COC
    Rick Kramer briefly explained that the “Strict accountability in local school construction bonds act” revised the need to obtain 2/3 voter approval to pass a bond measure to 55% voter approval, provided the District implement several accountability measures in the performance of the bond program.  The accountability measures are: 1) to identify the projects to be completed by the bond funds in the ballot measure bond language, 2) perform independent financial and performance audits of all bond expenditures, and 3) establish and appoint an independent citizen’s oversight committee (COC) to perform accountability responsibilities. The primary responsibility of the COC is to ensure that the bond money is spent in compliance with the bond language and to report those findings to the school board.  Rick reviewed Section 3. Duties and Section 5.4 Term of the MVLA COC Bylaws to explain the responsibilities and jurisdiction of the COC, as well as the duration of terms.

    Nomination and Selection of Chair and Vice Chair
    The committee unanimously elected Alan Cyron as Chair and Mary Ng Dooley as Vice Chair. Alan Cyron assumed chairmanship of the meeting.

    Call to Order

    Alan Cyron officially called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

    Presentation by School Community Members

    There were no school community comments.

    Review and Approval of Agenda

    COC members reviewed the meeting agenda and accepted it by a vote of 7 – 0.

    COC members unanimously amended the agenda to include the determination of which COC members would serve initial one-year terms.

    Determination of Members Serving Initial One-Year Terms

    James Martin, Amanda Patron, and Michelle Lee agreed to serve initial terms of one year in order to stagger the renewal of membership per the MVLA COC Bylaws.

    James Martin excused himself at 4:14 p.m. due to a prior commitment.

    Review of Measure E Project List – Ballot Measure

    Rick Kramer presented the language from the ballot measure that listed the projects that would be funded by bond funds.  Mike Mathiesen shared an overview of the projects currently underway as well as those being planned, including MVHS and LAHS Interim Housing, LAHS New Classrooms, LAHS Auxiliary Gym, MVHS New Classrooms, MVHS Auxiliary Gym, LAHS Student Services Building, MVHS Student Services Building, LAHS Music Building, and Freestyle Academy.  Mike and Rick answered questions regarding the projects.

    Current Status of Projects

    Mike and Rick presented the status of the Measure E projects in work.  Once completed, the Measure E program will expend approximately $298.67M on District construction projects and is now approximately 2.8% complete.  $100M of the bonds have been sold, with the next bond sale of $100M scheduled for spring of 2020. Rick shared photos of the MVHS and LAHS Interim Housing 2019 projects, which are expected to be completed in early June 2019.  Rick shared that contractors are in queue for the MVHS Classroom, LAHS Classroom, and LAHS Auxiliary Gym projects. Rick explained that the 18-month construction timeline is expected to start in summer 2019, pending Department of State Architect approval of the plans.

    Mary Ng Dooley excused herself at 5:00 p.m. due to a prior commitment.

    Review of Program Expenditures

    Rick indicated the Measure E program budget for the projects was currently $298.67M which included Measure E funds of $293.8M, developer fees of $1.66M, maintenance funds of $204K, general funds of $150K, and bond interest of $2.86M. Rick indicated that the District will potentially pursue matching state bond funds.  Rick clarified that the COC was only statutorily responsible for reviewing the expenditure of the Measure E funds. Rick presented invoice reports itemized by project that showed $8,323,658.47 worth of Measure E expenditures made from March 7, 2017 through April 25, 2019. Alan requested a summary sheet of expenditures by project, and Rick provided a copy of the cash flow spreadsheet for Alan to review.  Rick answered questions about the expenditures shown and Mike provided insight on the magnitude of construction costs. Rick provided a verbal overview of the various “Purpose” entries on the invoice reports and offered to share a written guide as a resource for COC members. After discussion, the committee determined that all expenditures appear to be appropriate to the bond projects.

    Measure E Website

    Mike Mathiesen provided a brief review of the Measure E page of the District website and explained that the Measure E page would include the minutes and reports from the COC.

    Preparation of Annual Report to School Board

    The committee discussed the process of preparing their annual report to the School Board.  Rick Kramer presented a draft of the report. Alan Cyron requested a soft copy for editing and subsequent distribution for approval by COC members via email.  Mike indicated he would contact Alan about presenting the report at the May 20th board meeting.  

    Set Next Meeting Date and Time

    The COC members agreed they would target three meetings per year.  Alan and Rick agreed to coordinate on a tentative schedule with autumn 2019 as the target for the next meeting date.


    Alan Cyron officially adjourned the meeting at 5:10 p.m.