• Math Pathways in MVLA High School District

    Whether a student wants to be an engineer, computer scientist, teacher or explorer, they need math. Careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM, or STEAM when including arts) continue to offer more and new exciting opportunities. That’s why MVLA has Math Pathways, sequences of math course options available to our high school students. There are multiple pathways for students to progress through mathematics courses.

    Colleges and universities, including the University of California system, require three years of math. MVLA recommends four years.

    The handouts below were shared at our Math Night presentation with parents who will have students coming to our district in the future. They detail several math course pathways available to MVLA students, as well as describe our class offerings in engineering, architecture and computer science.

    Students should decide which classes to take based on their interests and strengths. They should also make good decisions about course load that are based on a holistic approach to creating a schedule.  For example, if a student is more interested in humanities, he/she may want to take less challenging math courses.  Likewise, if a student is interested in a STEM career, he/she may want to challenge themselves with an Honors or AP math course.

    Math Classes Offered at MVLA High School District

    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors
    • Geometry and Geometry Honors
    • Trigonometry/Math Analysis and Honors
    • Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC
    • Statistics, AP Statistics 

    Computer Science & Engineering

    Courses at both high schools were designed by professionals, professors and teachers. Engineering classes study design, technical drawing, 3D modeling and dimensioning, and more. Computer science curriculum covers programming skills, algorithms, game design, data structures, and several project-based skills. Classes are open to 9-12 students. Details of each site’s computer science and engineering classes are on their websites.

    Our goal is to help students become lifelong learners, critical thinkers and problem solvers.  We want them to enjoy their high school math experience!