Special Education

  • Special Ed and ASB students having fun at St. Patrick's Day party

    The Special Education Department provides services to students with learning and other disabilities. There are two primary programs available: the Resource Specialist Program (RSP) and the Special Day Class (SDC) program. 

    Eligibility for special education is based on a thorough assessment consisting of both academic and psychological testing. Placement in special education is determined at an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting. To learn more about Special Education eligibility and access to services, you may contact:

    Kristen Hardy (Director)
    Phone: (650) 940-4657

    Therese Webb (Program Support Specialist)
    Phone: (650) 940-4658
    Email: therese.webb@mvla.net

    Resource Specialist Program (RSP):

    This program is designed as a congruent support system to the general education program for students with disabilities. Emphasis is on collaboration between the Education Specialist and the general education teacher in the learning process. This student’s receive specialized supplementary instruction through their Learning Skills class. Resource students who need additional support may also be enrolled in an academic subject area special education class per their IEP.

    Basic Life Skills Program:

    This SDC program uses a modified curriculum to serve students who require more individualized attention due to their low cognitive ability usually accompanied by language delays and impaired adaptive behaviors. Instruction is provided outside the general education environment and the focus is on functional curriculum and activities necessary for successful adult living with opportunities for academic integration, community-based learning plus an off-campus vocational /work experience component through ROP.

    Therapeutic Special Day Class Program: 

    The TSDC Program located at LAHS is a district program designed to meet the emotional, behavioral, and educational needs of students whose learning is significantly impacted by their social-emotional needs. Students receive therapeutic and behavioral services. As with all special education programs students have full access to all the general and special education classes on campus.

    Post-Senior Program:

    The Post-Senior Program serves students who do not receive a High School Diploma and who have moderate to severe disabilities.  The students receive small group instruction in Employment Skills, Continuing Education, Training and Independent Living Skills. In order to qualify for the Post-Senior Program the students must be 18 years old. They can remain in the program through their 22nd birthday.

    Daily instruction occurs in the functional environment so that students have a chance to generalize the skills they have spent years working on in traditional classrooms. Using public transportation, the students go travel to four different community locations daily. All of the students have to be trainable for riding public transit safely to and from school.

    Students participating in the program are diagnosed with a range of abilities. Some students have Developmental Disabilities and others have Autism Spectrum Disorders. The staff to student ratio is typically 1:3.

    Special Day Class (SDC) Program:

    This program serves students whose needs are such that a combination of other services within the general education environment is not successful. This is the most restrictive service available for students who are able to attend school. Students in SDC receive primary instruction in all core content areas and are integrated for P.E. and electives such as music, art, and technology.

    Moderate/Severe Program:

    The moderate/severe program offers the structure and adult support necessary for students who require intensive management systems for their combined social, communication and emotional needs while enhancing independence.

    Crossroads Independent Study Program:

    Students who have life and/or family issues which preclude them from full participation within a typical high school setting may be considered for this program. The program offers academic, vocational and career/job training for students. This program also serves students who attend the traditional school program but need to take additional classes for credit recovery.

    Post Senior B Program:

    This program is located at MVHS and serves students who completed four years in the moderate/severe high school program and received their certificate of completion. This program combines a functional skills curriculum and vocational training for   students 18 to 22 whose intensive learning challenges precludes them from participating in the Post Senior program.

    Workability I: 

    Workability I is available to all students who receive special education services for work opportunities and vocational exploration.