Non-Departmental Course Information Sheets

  • 2018-19: Associated Student Body Leadership

    Course Description: This year-long student-led course offers students opportunities to develop leadership skills and to serve as representatives of the LAHS student body. All students will learn and practice valuable skills in: public speaking and presenting; event planning; task and event coordination; finance and fundraising; and student body governance and service. Course enrollment is required for all ASB members, elected and appointed, and for class presidents. Students interested in this class but not appointed or elected may petition the Assistant Principal who serves as ASB advisor. Members of the ASB class give input to the administration on school-wide decisions that affect students, organize school spirit events, and put on fundraisers. They also develop and operate a budget for ASB expenditures and income, review club charters, and approve or deny requests for class/club fundraisers. As ASB representatives, members must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, demonstrate commitment to the goals and expectations of ASB, and act as role models for LAHS.

    Students enrolled in the class have volunteered their time to make Los Altos High School the best school possible. Being involved in ASB Leadership is a privilege, not a right. The students enrolled will be expected to show superior performance in the areas of leadership, citizenship and dedication to the betterment of Los Altos High School.

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  • 2018-19: Online Learning

    Coursde Description: Students are all taking courses from different disciplines online. However general learning outcomes include the following.

    - Students will become independent learners, with weekly prompting and guidance from the teacher.
    - Students will become effective time managers.
    - Students will complete the course(s) as either graduation requirements or electives.

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  • 2018-19: School Community Leadership

    Cousre Description: This year-long student-led course offers students the opportunities to develop leadership skills as they develop their academic, social and emotional potential to engage with peers and the broader community in meaningful ways. Students will collaborate with peers, school staff, and community partners to organize and participate in wellness- and diversity-focused activities on campus, service learning projects both on the campus and the larger community around LAHS. This course is a opportunity for students to continue to develop their leadership skills and be involved in their community both on campus and off throughout their high school career. Focus for this course is to:

    ● Create a campus that promotes and embraces diversity (attendance at Camp Diversity is a requirement either prior to or during the school year of attendance in the course)
    ● Improve and promote wellness on campus throughout the school year
    ● Plan and participate in service learning projects in our community
    ● Develop key leadership skills to be leaders on campus and role models in their community
    ● Organizing, participating in, and hosting school and community events that contribute to a positive, healthy, and inclusive culture at Los Altos High School and the community beyond.
    ● Improve public speaking skills

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