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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


MVLA Update - September 25, 2020

Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan
The Board held a public hearing on Friday and will conduct a special meeting for final approval of our Learning Continuity Plan on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. You can read the draft plan here: MVLA Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan
Cohort Supports
Cohorts for students are being formed and prioritized according to student need. Priority will be given to those who have been disconnected from technology and those who need specific supports.  Staff who are available to come and support specific cohorts of students are invited to work with us so that we can appropriately match staff to students in order to ensure the highest degree of support for the specific students who will be returning. We will be contacting appropriate staff in order to assess availability for on-site support. Participation will be voluntary for students and staff.
Schools have welcomed cohorts for English Learner testing this week. We held the cohorts in our cafeterias. While students worked on their distance learning lessons virtually, we were able to test them one on one as is prescribed by the State of California. We also continue to have cohorts for athletic conditioning.  
We are also pleased to share that the City of Mountain View has volunteered space as we look to locate cohorts off campus that are more accessible to our students.  We are grateful for their ongoing support and partnership.
Wednesday Attendance: Gratitude
The past two Wednesdays, we piloted a new attendance practice. Our goal for Wednesday has not shifted from the original intention - for students to focus on learning and the lessons from their teachers. To better support this, we shifted attendance on Wednesdays away from the teachers and for every class. Instead, we created one single attendance-check activity. 
Students are emailed their attendance activity at 7am Wednesday and they have until 12pm to complete the activity. Depending on the activity type, the activity will take a student between 5 - 20 minutes to complete. There has been much success with this process!
On the first Wednesday, students were given a survey to share their experience with the slate, synchronous classes, and their LMS. This past Wednesday (9/24) students engaged in a gratitude activity, which concluded with them emailing a teacher of their choice a note of gratitude.  
As we move forward, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) modules will be embedded into the Wednesday activities. We will use the HAERT platform.  The HAERT platform will teach foundational social-emotional learning skills and strategies to help students cope with the challenges of life and to strengthen our mental wellness. The HAERT™ Program will expand upon the SEL foundation that we introduced to our students and staff in August, and the curriculum for this year will focus on Self-Awareness and Self-Management.
The program consists of short videos, activities, and reflections that our students will complete on Wednesdays starting September 30th.  Teachers will also have access to the platform and content which can be integrated into the existing curriculum.  
The change in our Wednesday attendance practice has been a result of feedback from our students, teachers, and parents. We appreciate the communication. 
Phonathon: MVLA Foundation
Thank you to our resilient MVLA Foundation.  We are grateful for their ability to think creatively as they continue to support our schools with their annual Textathon and Phonathon.  Small, socially-distanced Phonathon pods gathered to make calls in Board Member's backyards. Thank you to our fantastic MVLA Phonathon team led by Natasha Keck and Michelle Lee. We are fortunate to have such a supportive community. These efforts make it possible to provide AVID support, College and Career guidance, Science classroom support, Professional Development, and Innovation Grants for our classrooms.