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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


MVLA Update - November 6, 2020

MVLA Board of Trustees Election
Congratulations to our returning Board of Education members, Sanjay Dave and Phil Faillace. Both were reelected to new four-year terms and will continue serving alongside Debbie Torok, Catherine Vonnegut, and Fiona Walter. 
Sanjay Dave was first elected to the MVLA Board in 2016. He is the parent of an MVLA alumnus and also a current sophomore.  We have been fortunate to have him serve as the Board President for 2020.

Phil Faillace has been on the MVLA Board since 1996, and brought previous governance experience to the position, having served on the Board for the Los Altos School District for 13 years prior to the appointment to MVLA.
We also extend a thank you to Laura Teksler, an MVLA parent who also ran for the Board. Seeking this position is a testament to a deep commitment to students and our community, and we are grateful for Laura’s ongoing support of our schools and her focus on service to the public.
                                                                                              Sanjay Dave                   Phil Faillace

MVLA Cohorts
The first groups of MVLA student cohorts have been welcomed back to campus. These are groups of students in certain athletic programs (football, basketball, field hockey, cross country, volleyball, and water polo), English Learners, and students identified as struggling with distance learning and needing more direct support and engagement. It’s wonderful having students back on campus.  
We have more student cohorts ready to return, and are working to establish additional cohort locations at our local senior center and with faith-based organizations. 
We had spent a significant amount of time preparing our campuses for their return, putting signage in place, repositioning desks and tables to ensure a safe distance, installing touchless hand sanitizer stations, and providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for all students and staff, among other measures.
Board of Trustees Meeting
The MVLA Board of Trustees will hold a meeting on Monday, November 9, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.  The Board will receive an update on distance learning, conduct a public hearing on tentative agreements between MVLA and CSEA, DTA and unrepresented employees, as well as consider approval of those agreements.  The full meeting agenda may be viewed here.