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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


MVLA Update - July 31, 2020

Hello MVLA Community,
We are excited to welcome back our students for the Fall of 2020.  This summer, we have seen our teachers participate in professional development on Distance Learning as well as participate in training for our new learning management system, Canvas.  Our MVLA team has been working hard this summer to create an engaging and challenging program for next year. 
As we enter the Fall semester, we will have two educational options for parents and students. 
Option A will be provided by our talented MVLA teachers.  It will involve mandatory synchronous learning sessions every week and will go far above the State minimum requirements.  The schedule includes opportunities to meet with teachers weekly in office hours as well as enrichment/supplementary activities available. You can find the weekly schedule here.  
Option B will be provided for those who want to work independently and is a program that uses a content provider.  This is the best course for students or families who may have health concerns that would preclude a return even if the health department allowed for return. We have heard from families who do not want to return in the Fall Semester and wish to start the year with a more flexible schedule and independent study.  Information about the two options may be viewed here.  
If you are choosing Option A, you will not need to notify us and will receive your class schedule and further information from your high school of residence. 
If you are choosing Option B, please let us know by completing the form through the following link: Option B Form
Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend,
Nellie Meyer
Board of Trustees  
At the Special Board Meeting on July 27, 2020, the MVLA Board of Trustees received two presentations.  The first presentation focused on virtual learning preparation, and was presented by MVLA teachers.  The second presentation provided an update on Fall 2020 reopening and was presented by Superintendent Dr. Nellie Meyer.  Final Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and resolutions for the Mountain View High School and Los Altos High School stadium lights and public address (PA) systems projects were presented and approved by the Board.  (Read on for more information on this topic.)  You may view the video recording of the meeting here
The next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting will be conducted on August 10, 2020.  Special meetings will be scheduled as appropriate. 
Student Voice: Webinar Series
A group of students, led by the Conversation Club at Mountain View High School in partnership with students from other schools, has established a series of three upcoming student-centered webinars, each focusing on a theme related to the Fall reopening where students have questions. The webinars are geared toward students, and will feature panelists that include school principals,administrators, teachers, counselors, and other members of our MVLA team.
Their first webinar will focus on questions related to schedules, grading, attendance-taking, testing and make-up work, and related areas.  Their second webinar will be related to extracurricular activities, clubs, and other activities that are being redesigned for a virtual experience.  Their third webinar will be dedicated to talking about bonding and building connections with students while distance learning, wellness, and mental health concerns.
Please let your student know to watch for an invite to their student email and a listing of the webinars starting next week. The student point of view has informed our continued planning efforts, and we are appreciative of the time many of our students have taken to provide feedback.  We look forward to the webinars and are grateful to the Conversation Club for their part in building these constructive conversations around the start of school in a virtual environment.
Environmental Impact Reports Approved
At the July 27, 2020 Special Board Meeting, the MVLA trustees certified and approved the final environmental impact report (EIR) for both the Mountain View HS and Los Altos HS stadium lights and public address (PA) system projects.  
Per California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) regulations, the district has filed a notice of determination with the county and state, which is followed by a 30-day circulation period.  Later in the same meeting, the Board awarded the installation contract to General Lighting Services (GLS) who will begin the work once the circulation period has ended.  
Construction should take about two months.  With the postponement of all high school athletics until December, it is very likely lights will be installed in time for the beginning of official seasons. 
School Orientation Days
MVLA schools are busy preparing to welcome students back to the new school year. Students will be able to participate in the Back to School prep activities which includes Freshman Orientation, the “Launch to 2020/21” activities for all students, and in-person materials pick-up appointments. All of these activities will help prepare your student for the new school year.
Freshman Orientation will be held via Zoom. Ninth graders will be assigned a specific time when they will meet staff, other students, and learn about their new school.
LAHS dates: August 5 - 7
MVHS dates: August 13
The “Launch to 2020/21” activities consist of online training modules on Canvas, our new learning management system for students and teachers, social-emotional learning, and student expectations for distance learning. Students will receive an email with links to all of these online modules. Activities will take place on August 12th through August 14th.
Students will pick up books and other materials on designated days and times based on their last name. Students will receive an email with their specific appointment and instructions for picking up items. It is critical that students check their MVLA email.  Materials Pick Up Days for both schools:
August 11:  9th grade 
August 12:  10th grade
August 13:  11th grade
August 14:  12th grade
For more information, please visit our school websites. 
Los Altos High School:  
Mountain View High School: