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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


COVID-19 Reporting and Resources

New: COVID Designee FAQs

New: COVID Testing Locations


July 12, 2021 California Department of Public Health COVID-19 Guidance for K-12 Schools, 2021/2022 School Year


COVID Reporting FAQs 

If my student has tested positive to COVID19, or been exposed to someone who has, how do I report this? 

Link to report to District (confidential) here.

Please also text Leyla Benson, COVID Designee for MVLA, the word "COVID" (925) 788-3038 and she will contact you back ASAP.


If the school finds out my student has been exposed, what happens?

You and your student will be notified ASAP and you will receive a detailed letter outlining the next steps. You will get dates of quarantine, date to follow up test and you will receive any other relevant instructions. If your student is on campus, they will need to be picked up immediately. You may receive follow-up calls as we contact trace to prevent any further spread. If your child is fully vaccinated, you can let us know and we can double-check to ensure no quarantine is required.


How do I connect to El Camino for testing at MVLA or in their clinic? 

El Camino has partnered with MVLA to offer "no out of pocket cost" COVID tests on-site and in their clinic. Sign up here for an on-site appointment (If you get a message stating all appointments are taken, make sure you have clicked on the school link above). You can also go to their clinic for a free test on your own. Here is the link to schedule your test. 


How can I get my student vaccinated?

Link to resources here.


How do I know if there have been COVID cases on campus? 

Link to District Dashboard here


Where can I find the District's COVID-related safety plans? 

The link to our website page is here.


MVLA COVID-19 Dashboard

COVID-19 Safety Plans (CSP) for In-Person Instruction

Covid-19 School Guidance Checklist

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