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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District




Mountain View High School ~

Environmental Systems Inc for duration of March 1st through May 1st:
Environmental Systems Inc. (ESI) has been considerably successful in completing tasks effectively in a timely manner. Danny Bates (PM) and his team has been efficient in communicating any concerns to the construction management team, they are very organized and determined to complete quality work. We are pleased about their work ethic as well as their quality of work and therefore have been selected as contractor of the month.
Environmental Systems Inc.
O.C.McDonald for duration of May 1st through July 1st:
OCM has been a great contractor to work with. Their proactive and have shown true determination to ensure the project is completed properly. Matt McDonald (PM) and his team have been effective in submitting documents in a timely manner and do not hesitate to reach out to the construction team to ensure work is done properly. Overall, we are pleased with their work and determination and therefore have been selected for contractor of the month.
OC McDonald
Best Electric for duration of July 1st through September 1st:
Best Electric has been substantially successful in completing assignments in a timely manner. Mike Taylor (PM) and his team have been proactive in communicating any concerns to the construction management crew, they are organized and have good working relationships with all other contractors. Field crew have been working hard with CM to complete various aspects to stay on schedule, and we’re pleased with their overall quality of work and therefore have selected as contractor of the month for the second time.
Best Electrical

Los Altos High School ~

Sausal Corporation has been a pleasure to have on the Los Altos High School New Classrooms and Gym project.  Dan Wood (PM) and JJ Sansone (PE) are proactive, communicate effectively, and complete tasks efficiently.  Their field Supervision and crew, along with their subcontractor, Hazard Concrete,  provide many years of knowledge and experience to help push things forward with precision. They have been working hard with the Construction Manager to ensure work is completed on time to ensure readiness for the next scheduled Contractors.
Sausal Corp

Measure E Construction Update

What's happening behind the construction safety fences? Something every day!

To allow people to see the many developments, we'll post monthly updated timelapse footage of demolition, then construction at both Mountain View and Los Altos high schools.


Preliminary Environmental Assessment Los Altos High School Expansion - August 14, 2020

Los Altos High School Construction Cam

Los Altos High School Construction Cam

Mountain View High School Construction Cam

Mountain View High School Construction Cam

October - December 2019

October - December 2019

October 2019
At the September 23, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting, there was a planning, construction and archictural update presented. Here are the slides, full of details of the Measure E project status. 
July - September 2019

July - September 2019

July 2019
MVLA had planned to begin demolition and construction over the summer but did not receive construction permits from California’s Division of the State Architect (DSA), which we were told was facing a significant work backlog. Site preparation and safety fence installations continue during this waiting period. 
August 2019
After months of waiting, MVLA has received construction approval from California’s Division of the State Architect (DSA) to begin demolition and construction at Los Altos High School. We anticipate that the approval for Mountain View High School will come through soon. Demolition and construction activities will rev up on Tuesday, August 20, the day after the first day of school. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the noise and dust!
Starting Friday, August 16, all of the construction gates will be locked for safety reasons. This includes the Joel Avenue public entrance, which is popular with students and neighbors. We have instructed students to use the existing and new access points, including the new Oak Street gate near the south end of the football field.
April - June 2019

April - June 2019

April 2019: While bringing the end of drought to our state, the spring rains have caused some delays in the installation of the temporary classrooms, but progress is being made, albeit muddy progress. The following projected dates are tentative because more rain is forecast for the coming weeks.

At Los Altos High School, building pads are nearly fully prepared for the portable buildings and we expect the portable buildings to be delivered and installed starting during spring break - week of April 15. We anticipate the portable classrooms will be fully installed about May 20, and that teachers will move into this interim housing week of June 10.

At Mountain View High, the ground is extremely saturated and has made compaction efforts ineffective, delaying the schedule. Weather permitting, the building pads could go in during the week of April 29. Once the building pads are complete, portable buildings will be installed, projected for the week of May 6, then teachers could move into their temporary classrooms during the week of June 10.

May 2019: 

At Los Altos High School, building pads were completed and the portable buildings installations were done over spring break. Now electrical connections, fire alarms and asphalt paving are in progress.

At Mountain View High School, the ground has been extremely saturated by rain so the portable building installation was delayed until this month. After soil treatment to harden the ground, building pads were completed and the portable buildings were delivered and installed mid-May.  Electrical and paving work will soon follow.

At both schools these portable classrooms will remain in place until construction of the new classroom buildings is complete. Teachers should move into their temporary classrooms in mid-June, after summer break begins.

The MVLA District is still waiting for California Division of the State Architect review and approval of our new classroom projects.  No new construction can begin until the project gets that approval.

This month, the seven-member Measure E Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) had their first meeting.  Associate Superintendent for Business Services Mike Mathiesen and Rick Kramer of Kramer Project Development Company facilitated the meeting, including an overview of COC role and responsibilities, bond project list, and bond expenditures to date. This committee will meet the statutory requirement of the COC annually reporting to the board by presenting a one-page report at an upcoming MVLA board meeting. Future annual reports will be more robust as there will be much more to report. The COC plans to meet at least twice a year - once in February/March to review the performance audits prepared by the district’s auditor and a second time in the summer/early fall that includes a site visit of project.

June 2019: 

Installation of the temporary classrooms (interim housing) is coming to a close, as is the school year. The asphalt work is complete, and most of the electrical is done as well. Classroom technology like projectors and speakers will be installed later this month. 

At both sites, we are setting up temporary fencing, power, and water to prepare for the official start of building construction, pending DSA approval. We have also started some small demolition to prepare for moving portable, temporary buildings.

Sound barrier walls are going up at both schools to reduce some of the noise impact on neighbors’ homes that are adjacent to our shared fences.
January - March 2019

January - March 2019

 Construction workers at hole in sidewalk with backhoe
February 2019: MVLA is holding Interim Housing pre-construction meetings with the Kramer team. These meetings get all the contractors, project architect, inspector, and construction managers in the same room to review project expectations and timelines. Temporary construction fencing is scheduled to go up this month, with underground trenching and fire hydrant connections taking place during the February break.
March 2019: Heavy earth-moving equipment can be seen on the Los Altos and Mountain View high school campuses as crews trench, scrape, and level soil to get the underground utilities ready for the portable classrooms to be used to house learning while the new classroom buildings are constructed. The rains delayed things for a few days, but we continue to make appropriate progress!
Measure E Construction Updates

Measure E Construction Updates

Backhoe and construction workers digging trench
MVLA is proud to offer innovative, award-winning academic programs that prepare our students for college and jobs of the future. Our high schools rank amongst the best in the state and the nation, yet years of sustained enrollment growth mean we face significant overcrowding. Additionally, aging classrooms, labs and student support facilities at each of our campuses are in need of repair and modernization to meet 21st-century educational standards.
Mountain View Los Altos High School District (MVLA) has worked closely with our community to complete a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan to address facilities’ needs and sustained enrollment growth in our schools. Through regular public board meetings, site meetings and a district-wide survey, we worked with our community to develop a long-term solution for current and future students.
In February, the MVLA Board of Trustees unanimously voted to place a $295-million bond measure on the June 5, 2018 ballot. Measure E passed with 66% of the vote. This local source of funding will help combat growing enrollment in our district and upgrade aging classrooms, labs and school facilities.
Based on what we have heard from our students, parents, teachers and community, priority projects funded by this bond measure will include:
  • Adding classrooms to accommodate growing student enrollment and prevent overcrowding
  • Providing facilities to expand programs in science, technology, engineering, arts and math
  • Updating aging classrooms and replacing old roofs, outdated plumbing and inefficient wiring and electrical systems to meet modern safety standards
  • Expanding libraries, cafeterias and other student support facilities to accommodate growing student enrollment
  • Equipping classrooms and labs with 21st-century learning technology
Measure E Construction Disturbance Coordinators

Measure E Construction Disturbance Coordinators

Construction of new school facilities are underway and will continue for several years at both Los Altos and Mountain View high schools.  Permitted working hours are:
Weekdays: 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Weekends: Saturday, 9 a.m. -6 p.m.; Sunday, none
Weekdays: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Weekends: Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m -5 p.m. with approval from the City of Mountain View.
If you have a concern about construction activities on one of the MVLA campuses, our construction contractor has two dedicated Disturbance Coordinators:
  • Los Altos High School: Roy Atkins 408-828-2909
  • Mountain View High School: Ken Judd 925-628-0186
If you have a question for the MVLA High School District about construction plans and activities, send an email.
You can read quarterly Measure E construction updates below. You can also read about the scope of the Measure E construction plans here.
architectural rendering of new engineering classroom building