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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


Update: 09/13/2019

Hello MVLA Staff,
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year – and congratulations on a successful and strong start.
In the first months since I joined this amazing district, I have heard from many staff members some things I think are a wonderful tribute to MVLA. They related to me many stories and anecdotes highlighting the good and hard work you do every day, and the wonderful relationships you have so carefully built and work to maintain. It is obvious that you all have a very deep connection to MVLA. As your new superintendent, there couldn’t have been a more inspiring way for me to start – seeing how much you care about MVLA and knowing that it is important to all of us that we continue to grow, learn, and do what’s best for our students.
Something else I've been learning about and appreciating – the strength of MVLA traditions. I love that MVLA has a tradition of strong academics, led by a strong student-centered team. I am also impressed by our committed board, involved parents and supportive community as our partners in education. The collective commitment to our student's success is apparent, as our new year gets underway.
I am visiting classrooms and working with our schools to align them with the latest and best practices. We will do so with a focus on equity, making sure all students have the support they need to achieve excellence. I am evaluating the district's systems, looking at the organization as a whole, and using my past experiences to find areas that we can improve. I truly believe this district is a place where students learn the skills and confidence to be our future leaders.
In September, I will be meeting with staff, students, families, community and business leaders in informal settings to hear about your MVLA experiences and your ideas for continued success. I hope to meet many more of you during this time.
Nellie Meyer