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Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District


Update: 11/08/2019

Dear MVLA Friends and Families,
It has been a privilege and an honor to become your new Superintendent, and my first few months have shown me some important characteristics about this wonderful community. Our students continue to make us proud of their work and optimistic about their future. Your partnership helps us ensure our students are ready for their bright futures.
First, I'm heartened to see, hear, and experience the commitment and care that our families, teachers, neighbors, and business partners have for our students and our schools. This is a district that is genuinely committed to the success of all students, and takes great pride in providing a strong educational foundation.
Second, I'm so happy to see the level of involvement our families have in their schools and student activities. The MVLA Foundation is easily the most dedicated and effective foundation group I've seen. We have countless parents, alumni, and community volunteers participating in booster clubs for athletics, band and drama, and countless other student programs and activities. The commitment our families have to their student's success and well-being starts at home, and the day-in, day-out activities involved with raising a teenager (getting kids to school, practice, helping with homework, having good and open conversations, etc.) is perhaps the most important indicator of future success. It is something I am sincerely grateful for, and I thank you for sharing your students with us.
I am excited about sharing news and stories about our schools, students, teachers, and other staff. As you meet them with me, you'll see why. MVLA takes pride in our ability to develop well-rounded students who will be our future leaders!
Finally, as we approach our Veterans Day holiday, I'd like to extend on behalf of the MVLA board and our employees - many of whom are veterans or are part of a military family - our appreciation to all of those in our community who have served and still serve our country.
Thank you.
Dr. Nellie Meyer