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Mountain View Los Altos High School District

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MVLA Equity Alliance & Advisory Process

MVLA Equity Alliance & Advisory Process

MVLA Equity Structures
The MVLA Equity Alliance is comprised of staff members from across the district who are tasked with ensuring the district's equity goals and objectives continue to be the focus of any and all work that we do.  From professional development endeavors to new board policy recommendations, the Equity Alliance is the body through which "the eyes are always on the prize". This Equity Alliance meets regularly throughout the year and participates in ongoing training by outside organizations such as the Pacific Educational Group which does national and international support and training for educational entities and businesses who are committed to improving their racial and cultural competence. 
Educators and staff at MVLA feel called to action. As a public institution, there is an obligation to the public good. Now more than ever, there is a need to institutionalize equitable and anti-racist policies.  
  • As our communities continue to evolve, our teaching and structures need to evolve as well.
  • Students deserve to have inequitable practices disrupted, biases examined, and an inclusive multicultural environment thriving norm.
  • Students deserve to NOT have the predictability of successes or failures correlated with any social, cultural or racial factor.


  • Review, assess, and recommend decisions about all staff professional learning, and institutional and instructional practices to ensure equity and anti-racist policies.
  • Empower voices of our diverse community.
  • Build our capacity to be anti-racist educators.

Drivers for Decision-Making 

  • Application of ongoing equity and anti-racist training
  • Review of Disaggregrated student data enrollment, discipline, participation, and achievement data.
  • Inclusion of sites' advisory committees' input
  • Fidelity to District equity and anti-racist commitments and district guiding principles and goals.

Advisory Process

The Advisory process includes members of the Equity Alliance who are in key leadership roles across the district, working with students, staff, parents, and families to incorporate feedback through the lens of equity and to be purposeful about the inclusion of diverse voices and experiences into the policies and programs which are developed throughout the district. 
Advisory Process
For more information about this committee and its work please contact Perla Pasallo, Director of Student Services and Equity at (650) 940-4650 x0016 or email